Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani

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Directed by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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Bajirao Mastani is a period love drama based on the events and life of famous Maratha warrior Bajirao. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film stars Ranveer Singh as Bajirao, Deepika Padukone as Mastani and Priyanka Chopra as Kashibai.


“With spellbinding visuals absorbed in romance, SLB crafts a worthy watch.”

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Ranveer Singh

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Bajirao Mastani is beautiful. The movie, Bajirao and Mastani; all are beautiful. Each scene in the movie is a painting in itself, with one scene in which Kashibai is sitting framed in a doorway straight out of a Raja Ravi Verma painting.

A long-winded disclaimer about how the movie is based on a book but has taken certain fictional liberties to make it more entertaining prefaces the movie. It did not need these liberties. If Kashibai had never met Mastani and if they hadn't danced to Pinga it would not have taken away one iota from the movie. At its core is a love story between two extraordinary people and that emotion is strong enough to carry the movie through. The parallel thread about how the Peshwa's wife Kashibai copes with this intruder in her life and the Peshwa's mother and the priest's rejection of Mastani to preserve the Peshwa lineage form a perfect stage for the love story to play out.

The movie is a visual masterpiece like all of Bhansali's films. The costumes and the sets are opulent and transport you back into the era. The war scenes are striking and the bird's eye view of how wars were fought was an eye opener. The music also by Bhansali is lyrical though somehow I couldn't imagine Bajirao singing a song with words like 'dushman ki vaat laavli'. Somehow it didn't quite gel with the stature of the person.

The movie is well paced and hugs the story line closely without getting into digressions. It is only towards the end that Bhansali reverts to type with a few scenes that are overly dramatic but yet given the greatness of the emotion it is trying to portray, it doesn't seem too over the top. I also wish the romance could have had more scenes to show us a deepening of the emotion that drives a great warrior into his decline and a warrior princess to abandon her home for her love.

Ranveer as Bajirao is larger than life. He could have done with a little less of the big rolling eyes to show all sorts of emotion but he looks in perfect form and conveys the greatness of the Peshwa, as a master General, a strategist and a liberal minded intellectual who is thwarted in his attempt to give his love a legitimacy that ultimately kills him. His Marathi accented Hindi adds to his character. Deepika is ethereal looking though a bit stiff. She has innocence and purity and a stature that demands respect but the feistiness she displays in the first few war scenes is either missing or too subdued later. Priyanaka Chopra as the Peshwa's wife Kashibai is excellent. She plays the role with dignity and beauty. She is an intelligent actress and brings compassion to a role that could easily have been played shallowly just as a wronged wife. She especially shines in the haldi kumkum scene. Tanvi Azmi as the Peshwa's mother is also wonderful.

Bajirao is a movie worth watching. The love story is moving and the visual extravaganza accompanying it leaves you overwhelmed. I am still trying to deal with the emotions it has evoked in my heart. I better do it quickly because my next watch in an hour's time is Dilwale J

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