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Directed by : Ravi Jadhav

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  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Banjo is a Hindi-language drama film, directed by Ravi Jadhav and produced by Krishika Lulla under the Eros International banner.


“The sound of Banjo isn't as melodious as you had hoped it to be!”

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Riteish Deshmukh


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Banjo Audience Review

Banjo Review Overcoming hurdles, slumboys combine to form a banjo band

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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With a familiar plot which reminds us of Rock on, ABCD, Happy New year etc this film is about a group of slumboys who get together to form a band headed by Rietesh Deshmukh ( Saraat) on the banjo. The others are a guy called " paper" who distributes newspapers and fantasises on owning a water tanker. Then there is Grease (Dhamesh) who is a car mechanic ,calls himself a mechanical engineer and dreams of everything white( white walls, clothes etc). Finally Vajay whose fantasy is to call the Air hostess in the flight and have her ask him how she can help him. Small dreams of these slumboys!
Getting the band together is NRI Nargis Fakri of New York who has only heard banjo band on her music player and not seen them. Desperate to sing with them for a competition she lands up in Mumbai and goes around the slums of Mumbai in shorts looking for the band and her perennial pout doesn't help much. She has only her ears to identify the banjo player in Mumbai. She also has a local liaison guy in Mumbai ( Luke Kenny) to help out. Luck is with her,she meets them and forms a band.

Just like the traditional boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets back girl scenario, this film has band gets together, band breaks up, band gets together again. The first half doesn't have either pace or content to keep you hooked. The second half picks up but the melodrama takes over and the narrative gets too predictable. Director Ravi Jadhav is not able to improvise on the hackneyed plot and everything appears superficial and melodramatic despite a few well enacted scenes.The last scenes see them on the way to USA to perform!

Rietesh makes a sincere effort as the simpleton who has left extortion business to settle in life but makes an average impression on the whole. Nargis and the other actors just about manage to perform their roles adequately. The music could have been the highlight of this movie but it just fills the bill. At places it falls short of standards required for this type of film.