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Directed by : Shadaab Mirza

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Two hearts met each other but destiny has other plans.


“It's best to ignore utterly tedious films like Barkhaa. ”

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Sara Loren


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  • Gross: INR 1.00 cr.
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Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Barkhaa has been made by someone who obviously had a soft spot for dance bars. The movie is very sympathetic to the cause of bar dancers, forcefully emphasizing that bar dancers are not prostitutes but merely women earning a living by dancing. The dance bar owner is protective towards his employees and sharply reprimands the hero's pal who tries to negotiate a deal for a night for his friend with the girl he loves. There is also a mini diatribe on how closing dance bars will mean a loss of income to many households and a long dialogue on how the politician who shut it did so because his nephew spent all his money on a dance bar girl. However clumsily the movie has been made it is refreshing to see a stand being taken by anyone on any issue. A few marks to this movie for that sincerity to its belief.

Barkha is the story of one such bar dancer. There is a guy in love with her who wants to marry her even after he knows she has a daughter from a guy who dumped her after she got pregnant. Most of the first half is taken up by the guy falling in love with her and the second half starts with her story and goes forward. There is a soap opera type twist to propel the movie ahead and push it to the end. The movie ends on a romantic note and then spoils it all by showing an el cheapo item number.

I had expected far worse from this movie but the way the story progresses is not bad. There fortunately isn't too much melodrama about the sordid lives of bar dancers or too much lovesick moping around by the hero. The songs are a total waste of time and the amateurish acting is a bit of a setback. However, it is better than a lot of tripe I have seen lately.

The new actor Tahaa Shah seems like a decent bloke who could do well perhaps in smaller movies. The heroine Sarah Loren has a pained look throughout. The protective dance bar owner grows on you gradually.

The story perhaps in the hands of a better Director may have fared better. As it stands, it is mediocre at best. Skip it.