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Directed by : Aditya Chopra

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Set in Paris, Befikre is a free spirited, contemporary love story of Dharam and Shyra, who find love in an impulsive, engaging series of experiences. Doused in the spirit of Paris, it celebrates love- sensual, carefree and focused on living life to the fullest.


“The gloss & charm of Befikre makes an enjoyable but a forgettable affair!”

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Ranveer Singh


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Befikre Review- Dilli ka launda and Paris ki kudi are carefree,out of control in Paris

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Some years ago Rishi-Neetu only sang and danced"khullam khullam pyar karenge hum dono" but it was upto Ranveer Singh- Vani Kapoor to put it into action in 2016.The film is outrageously naughty. To soften the shock the audience is likely to go through,  the director has Paris as the location and the heroine is born and brought up in Paris.(This also helped him to escape the censor's scissors). "Times are changing" truly if one goes by the films being made nowadays. The definition of love between a boy and girl has assumed strong  physical connotations, and they are depicted as friends with benefits. Ever since director Imtiaz Ali has celebrated breakup between lovers in "Love Aajkal" with a party, the other directors have introduced similar situations in their films in recent times.
Not many actors can go to the levels of tomfoolery seen in Ranveer Singh and I doubt if any other actor could have pulled off "Golyion ki rasleela" and the present film with such abandon which the character requires. The Hindi word "chichorapan" explains his behavior and ditto for Vani.
What can you say about a film that shows a series of liplocks by couples in Paris city in the opening scenes? Its almost like warning you of the type of scenes to follow. And Aditya Chopra throws it in your face. Given the nature of characters  both Ranveer as a stand up comedian and Vani as a tourist guide seemed to have brought them to life with the required degree of frothiness. At first look there appears to be a lot of overacting done but one must give them the benefit of the doubt----maybe the characters were sketched that way.
With a perfect casting of Ranveer and Vani ,director Aditya Chopra has stooped to please the young crowd but does no credit to himself or his banner known for presenting high class cinema. The script is wafer thin, the dialogue is all pop and most scenes need rewriting to make them credible. The dialogue varies from pedestrian to average Sample a few. As Vani's boyfriend leaves,Ranveer tells her not to expect him to look back. She replies that this happened in the 90s, now she is checking out his ass! Someone says that love is like a bungee jump without thinking. Vani keeps daring Ranveer to do funny things like slapping a policeman, eating maximum chicken wings, entering a gathering in only red underwear she stole from a shop. She also dances on the library table! The breakup syndrome presented so well by Imtiaz Ali in "Love Aajkal" was copied so crudely in "Ae dil hai mushkil" and gets a worse treatment in this film in the form of breakup anniversary. After all the madness and noise throughout, the script brings in some sentiment in the last 15 minutes but the damage is done and no one wants to get serious .A dance by Ranveer and Vani in the climax is presented well. 
The saving grace is the cinematography which captures Paris in all its splendour and the music which keeps the film going.