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Behen Hogi Teri

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Behen Hogi Teri is a comedy starring Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Haasan in the lead. Cheekishly toned about the guy getting bro zoned, this funny romantic ride is directed by Ajay K Pannalal and will release on June 9th.


“It’s not an opportunity wasted, it’s an opportunity not fully availed!”

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Rajkummar Rao


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'Bechaara ' Gattu.

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Rated 4.0 / 5
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Seldom do we get a ' perfect entertainer' whose scripting,performances and 'surprise' elements keep the viewers rooted to their seats.
Though Behen Hogi Teri is a small town movie,it's audience reach is wide spread.
What's the plot? There's a neighbour hood familial inter relationship.The family of Nautiyal's( headed by Darshan Jariwala) comprising of both parents is fed up with their good for nothing son Shiv aka Gattu ( Rajkummar Rao).Gattu is in love with Binny Arora( Shrutti Hassan),belonging to his next door family headed by the girl's elder brother Jaidev( Ninad Kamat).Gattu is an introvert and afraid of professing his love.Why? Because all boys in the area are treated as ' raakhi bhai' by tradition.
Binny's elders are in a hurry to marry off her outside.
Enter two more suitors - Bhura ( Herry Tangire),Fatty's bus friend and Rahul ( Gautam Gulati,in a cameo) ,an NRI.
Complications arise.Crime angle seeps in.What happens in the climax? Who gets Binny? How? Go see for your self.
Where does BHT score ? The story is a new one.Direction is good.All have performed well as per their assigned roles.It's nice to see Gulshan Grover ( Bhura's criminal dad on parole) and Ranjeet ( Bhura's uncle) after a long time gap in their deft cameos.Rajkummar Rao is a natural performer.Herry Tingri is no less.Shrutti has a restrained role .The jagran number( tuned on Kaala Chashma) is foot tapping.Editing is crisp.
Some scene stealers - Gattu and Herry in the drunken mode scene spoof SRKs mannerism.Ninad Kamat's conversation with Darshan ,when the later is shinning g his shoes.The scene where the boustrous 'mohalla wasis' take to their heals just when they are threatened by the goons.The scene where Gattu partakes Paani Puri with Binny outside the girl's college.The scene where Raj ( the NRI suitor ) befriends Binny in the terrace.
Some one liners-' every one in the family thinks as though they are living in a Big Boss family'( Gattu's mother);"present generation has fed less of mother's milk,more of mobiles feed"( Gattu's dad): ' IAS officers don't go for tatoos'( Gattu's dad rebuff' to his son): ' why must all boys be treated as brothers,why not suitors,who also protect their wives' ( Gattu in the climax).
It's not clear what UPSC exams was Gattu ( a school drop out) appearing in?
All in all BHT entertains throughout it's two hours reel time.Go to view with your family.