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Beyond The Clouds

Beyond The Clouds

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Directed by : Majid Majidi

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Beyond The Clouds is a drama marking the debut of actor Ishaan Khattar and Malavika Mohanan who play siblings in this Majid Majidi directorial. The film had initially been screened in the International Film Festival of India to a positive response. While A.R. Rahman has composed the music for this one, veteran cinematographer...more


“Ishaan’s impressive debut shines in a movie that should have shined more”

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Beyond The Clouds Audience Review

Beyond The Clouds Review: Ishaan Khattar proves to be a master performer.

Rated 3.5 / 5
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The world cinema lovers would identify with Majid Majidi’s name. He is a storyteller par excellence. The way he defines innocence and brings it alive on-screen is something that we can hardly see. Beyond The Clouds, to an Indian film viewer like me was even more exciting since this marked one of the stalwarts of world cinema venturing into Bollywood.
But the film proved to be both a winner and a disappointment for me. The film was about the very lively lad Amir and his sister Tara and how they face the tribulations and hardships of their lives together. But their lives change forever when one day her boss Akshi tries to rape her and in the spur of the moment, she hits him. As she is taken into custody, it now lies on Amir to save his sister. With his sister’s release depending now on Akshi’s health, would he be able to save his sister or collect enough money to get her a bail?
For starters, the very line that is supposed to hold the film together is loose. We have seen Majid Majidi weave magic in Children Of Heaven based on the relationship between a brother and a sister. But where is that beauty in Beyond The Clouds? I failed to really grasp their relationship, which seemed to be lost in the narrative. The depth of their bond was not visible throughout the narrative. And that is probably the reason that the first half of the film falters.
But post the interval, and the entry of Asha and Tanisha, the film takes a sharp turn. The children redeem the film and it is through them that the myriad shades of human characters are revealed. Amir’s relationship with Tara may never be established as we had expected it to be, but his relationship with the three women will move you to the core.
The best part of the film is probably the cinematography and Anil Mehta is commendable. The images are juxtaposed in a way to bring out the contrast or the events of the lives of all the characters in the film. They are subtle and these locations and images convey so many emotions. In fact, the last image will stay with you long after you have left the theatres.
Coming to the performances, Ishan Khattar is terrific as Amir. He is, in a way, everything that the city of Mumbai stands for. He is witty, lively unforgiving yet sensitive. Ishaan is perfect. In fact, he is superb given that this is just his first film. His presence carries the film forward. But it is Malvika who falls somewhat short is her performance. Even though she is earnest, she seems a little weak in many frames. The supporting cast especially Goutam Ghosh, Tannishtha Chatterjee and G.V Sharada are excellent and shine even in their limited screen time.
To round it up, this is one Indian film with a foreign director that shows Mumbai, with its slums as it is. The way the setting is captured and put into the film is commendable. The film will stay with you long after you have left the theatre- thanks to the endearing and earnest performance and beautiful storytelling. And yet, it falls short of becoming a masterpiece.

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