Bheja Fry 2

Bheja Fry 2

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Directed by : Sagar Ballary

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To further his ambition of becoming a singer, Tax Inspector Bharat Bhushan enters a game show hoping to win a cash prize. Eventually Bhushan goes on to win the competition which also gifts him a free stay on a cruise ship. This is where he meets Ajit Talwar, an acrid tongued sadistic business tycoon, whos on a flee from the I...more


“A bad script and rare laughs; both Bheja Fry 2 and Bharat Bhushan fail to match the level that their predecessors had set. Give it a skip!”

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Vinay Pathak

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  • Gross: INR 9.13 cr.
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Bheja Fry 2 Audience Review

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In 2006 when I had read that a film was being indianised as a remake of the French hit Le Diner de Cons, I had scoffed at it as another term for a blatant copy.
In April 2007, when Bheja Fry hit the screens, with an unlikely star cast of Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey and Rajat Kapoor, along with Milind Soman, Sarika and Bhairavi Goswami, one saw it with no reason besides to pass time one evening. What followed as they say is history.
Bheja Fry went onto become one of the biggest hits of 2007, paving path for small budget, nouveau themed films to be made and raising the pay packets of Vinay Pathak & Ranvir Shorey. At some point prior to the recession, I believe they were rumoured to be charging a cool Rs.1.5crores each for a film. What followed was destiny.
In 2011, director Sagar Ballary, returns with his once lovable idiot, Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak), who now having won a quiz show on the lines of Dus Ka Dum, has not only earned himself prize money worth Rs. 25lacs but also a free cruise stay for 2 nights / 3 days. Joining him on the journey are the studio bosses Kapoor (Rahul Vora), his wife (Aditi Gowatrikar), exec. Producer Ranjini (Minissha Lamba) etc. Also joining Kapoor & Co. on this cruise is Ajit Talwar (Kay Kay Menon) the maverick business tycoon with more than roving eyes. Talwar is using the cruise for 3 purposes, to meet his South Asian Investors to avoid his wife & business partner (Rukhsaar) meeting them, to bed Ranjini and to escape from the IT team in India with the help of his assistants (Amit Behl & Kishwar Merchant). On Talwars trail from India is IT officer MT Shekharan (Suresh Menon), forget the pun.
For a film roughly hitting 2 hours plus, it is half an hour too long. The screenplay by Sharad Kataria & Sagar Ballary is amateurish. The story, credited to the Director is non existent. The situational comedy that the film relies on totally is a mix of some really funny scenes and mostly pathetic forced comedy. Comparisons are inevitable, but Bheja Fry had quite a few scenes which made one roll in the aisles. Alas, none such moments here. The plot takes too long to develop and post interval the lack of screenplay stares at you right in the face.
Minissha Lamba looks decent but does not have much scope besides move around in tight fitting dresses, dressed up as a moll, be it a studio or a cruise dinner. Aditi Gowatrikar, Rukhsar are dont have much to do besides trying, I repeat, trying to look sexy. Why the hell did they have to take Rahul Singh, when not give him any role! Kishwar Merchant as the sexy secretary cum mistress does a good job of whatever she has been offered. Likewise for Amit Behl. Rahul Vora stands out for his performance as the studio boss, Kapoor. Amole Gupte comes in too late in the film for another half baked, nonsensical character. His interaction with Bhushan and Talwar, though is one of the highlights of the film. Menon is again wasted as the IT officer. Lets not get into Virendra Saxenas side track! At least it seems he had some fun on the run.
Kay Kay Menon (Lafangey Parindey,Sarkar, Corporate) the effortless actor that he is, does his bit inspite of a uni-dimensional, badly sketched character. Like Rajat Kapoor in the original, his character has to react to Bhushans buffoonery and suffer from it. But unlike Kapoor, Menons character does nothing to move the story forward. Post interval he is just left completely at the mercy of Bhushan. What sacrilege!
Vinay Pathak carries the film single handedly on his shoulders. Not that he does a bad job at it, but after Bheja Fry, we have seen him do quite a lot of similar roles in the past 4 years. Plus in the original, he had a lot of support from Kapoor, Shorey, Milind Soman, Sarika and even Bhairavi Goswami, who all helped in making Bhushan, the idiot that he was. But in BF2, alas, the director thought otherwise. Past a point, Pathaks close ups and his singing, make you cringe!
Not that the film is completely bad. There are couple of scenes which will tickle your funny bone - the underwear episode, the singing duet with Gupte to name a few. But they are far too few to make this an enjoyable watch. Also, there could have been better ways to show Kay Kays affair with Kishwar rather than the love scene in the club or the folding of the skirt episode. Not only in poor taste, but outrightly vulgar!

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