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Directed by : Omung Kumar

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Marking Sanjay Dutt's much awaited comeback, the film also stars Aditi Rao Hydari. Bhoomi is about a father fighting for the honor of her daughter and also avenging all the wrongdoings that happened to her. Bhoomi is directed by filmmaker Omung Kumar who has recently made movies like Sarbjit and Mary Kom.


“Severely outdated, Sanju Baba deserved a much better comeback!”

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Sanjay Dutt (Sanju)

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Bhoomi - Rooted in melodrama

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Omung Kumar who made the impressive Mary Kom and the patchy Sarbjit comes back with the serious subject of rape with Bhoomi. It is also Sanjay Dutt's comeback movie.

On the eve of her wedding, Bhoomi is raped by a spurned suitor and his gangster friends. Her fiance abandons her and her fight for justice leads to her humiliation in court. Disgusted by this, her father and she withdraw the court case and try to go back to a normal life but are unable to thanks to the constant taunts by society. Finally, the father daughter duo decides to take matters into their own hands and mete out justice in the way they deem fit.

Rape is a subject which needs to be dealt with carefully. The story must be hard hitting for the message to reach all audiences but it must do so with empathy and a sensitivity that should make our blood boil and heart ache without resorting to melodrama.

Bhoomi has its heart in the right place but the movie gets weighed down under the twin burdens of cliches and melodrama.

The court scenes use all the words that make you see red- the female lawyer who is defending the accused asks her if she was a virgin before the rape and calls her characterless. The goons look cocky and unfazed just like in Pink and the father daughter pair cower and look pathetic.

This would have worked better if the dialogues had been stronger instead of sounding so bombastic and seeming like a platform for Sanjay Dutt to perform. You need drama to make an impact but resorting to the same old bag of tricks doesn't quite cut it.

There are a couple of songs which are totally unnecessary, especially a pretty disgusting item number post interval. Surely, we need to get rid of these by now and use other means of showing debauchery?

The movie is very sluggishly paced. You must realise that when you have four men to dispose of you need time to do it well. You can't waste most of the movie on other stuff and move to the main action in the last part of the movie. By then the audience is bound to lose patience like I did and wait for it to end.

The retribution when it comes is also heavily ridden by cliches of Devi Shakti etc. Omang Kumar's expertise in production design comes through very clearly in a few visually beautiful scenes but there isn't enough to lift it out of the banal and mud of emotion in which it seems to be tethered.

Aditi Rao Hydari has a delicate look and feel about her which works well for her character. However, she doesn't seem to bring out the strong parts that well, and remains meek and submissive even in the latter half of the movie where she decides to turn the tables and avenge her rape . She also seems to be a mismatch for the Agra milieu. She is the daughter of a shoe shop person living in old Agra and is a beautician. Her clothes are too designer and she looks completely out of place with her very simple looking neighbours. She also inexplicably has a stutter which has been put there I guess only for the purpose of one dialogue in the whole movie.

Sanjay Dutt sinks his teeth into this role and seems to relish the melodrama sequences. His rheumy baggy eyes are swimming with tears for most of the movie. It is only towards the end when he gets into the action scenes does he show some spunk. But he is special and he gets plenty of screen time for his fans to appreciate his histrionics.

Overall, this movie is too melodramatic, too cliched and too slow for it to work for me. The dialogues are trite and don't offer anything new and the treatment is very 70s and feels dated. For example, the whole piece about covering her up with a dupatta is so outdated and buys into the same cliche of covering up that it wants to bust.

Maybe we as a country need the message hammered into our heads about rape. Today in fact I read about a High court ruling that blamed the victim for her mind set and said since she was used to adventurism and experimentation in sexual encounters she basically brought this on herself. The Court further said the sentences should be suspended so that the accused could get a chance to lead a normal life!

I had expected a more nuanced movie from Omung Kumar. However, when we can have such judgements being delivered we perhaps deserve a movie which hits its message on our heads with a sledgehammer. See it if you are a Sanjay Dutt fan and a yearning for an old style drama.

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