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Bin Roye

Bin Roye

3.5 207 Ratings

Directed by : Shahzad Kashmiri

Release Date : | Length : 116 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Saba, a hopeless romantic, is driven to obsession by her intense feelings for the man of her dreams, Irtaza. Irtaza decides to study abroad, and while in the USA, Irtaza meets and falls for Saman. Meanwhile, Saba desperately longs for Irtaza and his return. In a twist of events, Saman ends up in Pakistan at Saba's home while ...more


“An over dramatic film, best skipped, Bin Roye”

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Mahira Khan


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Game of Shadi Ka Throne

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I wanted to give BIN ROYE 2.5 stars or something. The way the rating system works it's at par of a WILL NOT KILL YOU, which is ironic as so many of the characters are being bumped off as the movie goes along. Unki dates nah mil rah hain? SCREECH breaks fail. Wo dheko plane crash. Seriously this movie may be many things but a poster child for Road And Air Transport Safety it aint.

So what is BIN ROYE about? It is a love letter to tailors who get the shirt ki fitting right, it is about good hair and perfect teeth and no power breakdowns. Most of the Pakistan portion has been shot on set, which becomes very claustrophobic after a while. But then it means Mahira can go along trailing all those heavy, kaam wale dupattas on the ground with nary a thought that she may muddy them. Bade log unse bhi bade bade dupattey. Though I wish Mahira stops signing projects where most of her emotional exchanges happen in pouring rain and her reading habits limited to books upside down.

Wo Humsafar Thaaa...

I watched BIN ROYE in Delhi's Daryagunj..clearly a case of Know Your Demographic. In a long expected move , the state of Maharashtra did not allow for the film to be screened..giving tailors in the state a welcome respite from Master ji, hume Mahira ka wo wala suit silwa de.

So the sad, twisted love story is is set in a strange fantasy world where everyone's Eid clothes arrive in time to be worn, you don't get mugged on Chand Raat and the maid hasn't taken off Eid week for the village.

The sad strange twisted love story begins at Chand Raat, as Saba spots the Eid moon. Sudden understanding of why the Ruet e Hilal Committee refuses to spot the Eid moon.Sudden onset of hormonal Pakistani young women setting off on their Game of Shaadi Ka Throne.

Proceed to a world where one sister stands holding a cat, the other a pigeon with the hapless Irtiza standing in the middle. This in brief is Bin Roye's love triangle.

Hero forsakes green green hari hari chooriya in Karachi and Saba for San Fransico's Saman and green card, Im guessing. High five!

Saba implores the heavens to take sister and Allah complies (bus thodi call waiting) .

"Maaz Bhi Tumhara. Irtiza Bhi Tumhara." says dying sister, which may qualify for BEST and briefest will/vaseehat ever. Though subtext. TOILET TRAINING BHI TUMHARI BIYATCH!!

Indian audiences will now be treated to love romaans Pakistani style. Ice Cream khaate hain? Friend ke ghar drop kar dein?

Also marital problems Pakistani style. "Dinner? Mai dinner kha chuki hoon? Naashta? Mujhe deyr ho rahi hai. Khana laga doon? Nahi."

Though all will be well when IIrtiza Bhai walks in from an accident and hospital.. and carries Saba over the threshold. Way to take care of those stitches, Bhai jaan.

The music is decent, though the whole proceedings drip of a long play TV drama. Thankfully, it all gets over soon before you start developing a headache with all the saccharine sweetness.

Watch it. 3000 Pakistani darzis can't be wrong.

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