Black Home

Black Home

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Directed by : Ashish Deo

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A reporter tries to uncover the secrets of a controversial remand home. Black Home tries to shed light on the harsh conditions faced by the girls in remand homes. The film takes inspiration from many true incidents that have happened in the past. In the film, Rajawadi Remand Home is a place that has attracted a lot of contro...more

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Ashutosh Rana


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  • Gross: INR 0.14 cr.
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The theme deserved a better movie?

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Sometimes, you are confused about the intentions of filmmakers. The best way to make name for filmmakers these days is to pick a hard-hitting subject and portray it unabashedly. Yet, it is not so hard to see through the strategem, considering audiences, however misplaced their taste might be, still can distinguish the soulful attempt from the fake plastic one.

Black Home like the name suggests is about the plight of girls in a remand home. They face gruesome abuse, torture and humiliation. The very people who were supposed to take care of them are proving to be evil. It is a breeding ground for slaves dished out to lecherous politicians and horny authorities. It is a terrible plight. Chitrashi Rawat of Chak De fame is a good actor, we know. As the protagonist here, she shows more of her talent. Ashutosh Rana had established his credibility long back before losing his mojo. Yet, even with these actors and a gut-wrenching theme, the movie doesn't do much justice, because filmmaking is more than just theme or actors. Screenplay is where the movie lets its audience down, which finds itself watching what it already knows without being made to analyze, introspect or rack their brains for something they don't.

Movies like Ugly deal with tough subjects but they become filmmaking gems because of the way the theme is portrayed. Black Home on the other hand, just ends up being a sorry sight, a product that is more a documentary that doesn't have a deeper storyline, a product that cannot really add value to the audience' cinema-going experience!

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