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3.1 396 Ratings

Directed by : Anthony D'Souza

Release Date : | Length : 98 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.6/5
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Blue - the color of the sky and the color of the seas...Underneath the shimmering beautiful inviting waters of the sea, lurks a secret which threatens to destroy one friend and save the other friend.

Blue Box Office

  • Gross: INR 38.55 cr.
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Blue Audience Review

Black and 'Blue'

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Its been two weeks since I saw Blue. The film has gone on to become a big hit. My disappointment with the movie though, has not abated yet. I had huge expectations from the movie and it bombed big time as far as I am concerned. Everything looked promising in the promos. Akki back in an action role, stunts, underwater adventure, background music. I don't know how it all failed so miserably. I am gonna keep this one short as there is not too much to write about

Akki is an owner of a shipping company and Sanju is his friend cum employee. Sanju has knowledge of a hidden treasure which is apparently worth millions. Zayed is a good for nothing kid who owes money to a local don and lands up at Sanju's place to seek refuge. The trio decide to search the treasure and solve Zayed's problems.

The suspense build up is pathetic and you know from the onset what to expect. One would have expected something like Nicholas Cage's National Treasure wherein there are several clues before unraveling the mystery.

I feel the story idea was a good one but the screenplay was very poor. They should have built up better scenes and better dialogs. There are only 2 scenes which are good in the movie. One being a bike chase and the other an underwater sequence.

Music is okayish. Below par by Rahman's standards. I have taken a liking to Aaj Dil Gustakh hai and the Blue theme though.

Akshay is okay but the role was not written well enough. Sanjay Dutt looks horrible and only God knows how someone as unfit as him can be a diver. Zayed is irritating as hell. My sincere plea to directors, please do not cast him! Lara has no other part in the movie other than bikini modeling. She it pulls it off amazingly and the lyrics of "Aaj Dil Gustakh hai, Paaniyo mei aag hai" seem apt when she is on the screen.

Anthony D'Souza needs to learn a lot. I have heard the team has decided to come up with a sequel called "Aasman". I hope he does not repeat his mistakes in future and does not leave the audience bruised up black and 'blue'.

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