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Release Date : | Length : 165 Minutes

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Bol is all about life and revealing its complexities. It says about a family that makes barely ends meet. Moreover , the father subscribes to a set of values that we inherit and tightly hold on. It is a roller coaster of emotions, based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters, with vibrancy ...more


“With a fairly engaging plot and a set of dazzling performances, Bol brings forth the prejudices and abuse of religion in Pakistan. A good example of intelligent cinema combined with ample entertainment. Go for it!”

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Iman Ali

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  • Gross: INR 2.07 cr.
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Strong And Impactful

Rated 2.5 / 5
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If intelligent cinema should stir and provoke the audience into thinking, Bol does that effortlessly. If mainstream cinema is meant to entertain, Bol does that too in ample amounts.

From the makers of Khuda Ke Liye, Bol is a film that deals with the status of women and the girl child in modern day Pakistan. Like all things from that side of our border, thought the milieu is theirs, the situations and their essence can easily be form any Indian village of today. And this the core strength of the movie, it universalizes an experience, without once loosing its rooted feel and look.

Hakim sires daughters and a hermaphrodite, in his quest for that elusive boy child. His bigoted mind thinks nothing of swearing by the holy Kuran and at the same time insulting and torturing his wife and daughters, treating them like unwanted baggage while refusing to even acknowledge the hermaphrodite Saifu as his offspring. The eldest daughter Zainab, takes it upon herself to speak out against her father and fight for justice.

Through their story, the film brings to forth the bigotry and abuse of religion in Pakistan (in effect much of the sub continent too) without taking sides or forcing any one school of thought. The film gives as much space to the rigid father as it does to the free will espousing elder daughter.

The film is not devoid of flaws. For starters, it is too long. The narrative sags as a result in many a parts, but the performances lift the film up efficiently. With sterling nuanced performances by the entire cast, Bol brings home the point without pontificating.

Bol holds a mirror to Pakistan's social turmoil, it represents a section of the society reflecting on its own problems. Coming from an industry in tatters, Bol is a lesson for our very own Bollywood, that in the quest for a global voice, has forgotten its roots, its own stories. This is one cinema you wouldn't want to miss.

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