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Bollywood Diaries

Bollywood Diaries

2.7 94 Ratings

Directed by : K.D Satyam

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Bollywood Diaries is an Indian drama film, written and directed by K.D. Satyam that features Raima Sen, Salim Diwan and Ashish Vidyarthi in title roles along with Karuna Pandey and Vineet Kumar Singh in supporting roles.


“Bollywood Diaries promises plenty but falls short of being a worthy watch.”

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Bollywood Diaries : Review

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Sidhant Shori (4,660 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Bollywood Diaries at best is an interesting idea. At its worst it's a concept that's not been utilized to its fullest potential. The film tries to hard in scenes where it should actually be taking it easy. While the characters, barring Vishnu, are mostly plain, they are given a spark because of the actor's performances. Is it really worth watching Bollywood Diaries because of the actors efforts? Probably not.

Bollywood DIaries focusses on three people; Imli, who works at a brothel, Vishnu, who leads an utterly unremarkable middle class existence and Rohit who works at a BPO. The trio have nothing in common with one another except for one thing: All of them want to make it in Bollywood. The movie is about the hoops they have to jump through to achieve their dream. Bollywood DIaries is about their struggles, their hopes, and their setbacks.

Bollywood Diaries' main problem lies in the fact that it tries to be too grandiose at times. This is especially perplexing because the only thing that the plot has going for it is its simplicity. The actor's performances almost save the day for Bollywood Diaries but ultimately it's a disappointing movie overall.

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