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Directed by : Karan Malhotra

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Two brothers, two fighters and one ultimate fight. Watch the emotional journey of David and Monty as they come face to face in their fight for love, hatred and family.


“Glorious performances and awesome action couldn't save Brothers from a brutal knockout!”

Brothers Credit & Casting

Sidharth Malhotra

Brothers Audience Review

Melo melo melodrama

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas (6,288 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Brothers is a total melodramatic movie. Each moment is laden with emotion and accompanied by music that reminds you to take it very, very seriously indeed.

The movie is about two half brothers who fall out because their alcoholic dad kills the mother accidentally. The elder son cannot forgive the younger son who is the father's son by a mistress for being the cause of her death. They both grow up to be street fighters and then take part in an international Fight contest organised in India. Who wins? do they forgive each other, does the older son forgive the father ?

Each angle lends itself to enough tear jerking and Karan Malhotra milks each one to the extreme. Husband-wife, father-older son, father-younger son, older son-wife, older son-sick daughter, older son-younger son. You get the drift. And all the time that heavy music gong on in the background like a Greek chorus.

The second half turns into a WWF style contest with fights between different fighters from different countries with names like Hammer and our boys. Those who like watching these contests may enjoy this part. There is also enough footage of Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra pumping iron and doing all sorts of crazy workouts which will ensure that all middle aged men with paunches will get an earful from their wives on the way back home.

Akshay and Sidharth are obviously in superb form. Akshay also looks all grey and middle-aged and that adds to his allure. They both have brooding expressions throughout which is but natural if the Director kept the background track on loop in their vanity vans. Shefali Chhaya as the long suffeirng mother is powerful and does a classic dying scene in true Hindi cinema tradition. But the honours for OTT acting goes to Jackie Shroff. His white hair, stoop, shaking hands, rheumy eyes, paunch showing in a melt down scene where he smashes everything is all the stuff the 70s were made up of. vKya performance hai. A must watch, textbook performance of period acting.

The movie does touch you emotionally at times(do you have a choice with things coming at you like a meteor blast?) and has a decent pace as such. The second half is all workouts and fights which bored me a bit but then I am not into that sort of thing so can be excused. If you like fights you may like this movie. If you like melodrama you will enjoy it. Or just watch the men and drool at their bodies scupted to perfection. That worked for me.