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Directed by : Karan Malhotra

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Two brothers, two fighters and one ultimate fight. Watch the emotional journey of David and Monty as they come face to face in their fight for love, hatred and family.


“Glorious performances and awesome action couldn't save Brothers from a brutal knockout!”

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Sidharth Malhotra

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Mahabharat Reloaded: Brothers- Movie Review

Rated 2.5 / 5
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There is every possibility that the audience might decide to leave the show midway while watching the first half of Brothers! But, I would strongly suggest, don't!

If you have the stamina to sit through an extremely emotionally gripping movie and usually shed a tear or two during highly dramatic scenes, Brothers is the right movie for you! For those who love action and stunts with high tension drama with an international touch, go for it!


Blood pulls even if it's half blood! That pretty much sums up the story of Brothers. An old and eminent street fighter played by Jackie Shroff as Gary Fernandez, comes out of prison after serving his term and finds that his family is not together anymore. Brothers is obviously a story of two siblings who have their own reasons to love and hate each other, but it's more about the emotional turmoil that the society faces when it comes to half blood relationships.

The movie is efficiently set in a very believable Christian household and typical Mumbai style locations and lingo.


Brothers is one of those movies where you fortunately cannot find a single flaw in the performances of the entire ensemble cast.

Jackie Shroff steals the show in the very first scene with his amazingly trembling hands while he unpacks a small sack of his belongings, while he exits the prison after serving his term for a murder he committed years ago. Sidharth Malhotra (Monty) and Akshay Kumar (David) fans can rejoice because both give splendid performances in their own periphery and given screen time. Luckily Sidharth manages to match up to the flawless acting of Akshay Kumar and the later doesn't seem to overpower the other at all. Jacqueline Fernandez has done a commendable job as Akshay's wife. From a physics teacher to a Right To Fight (RTF) fighter, this is one of Akshay's memorable performances.

The little child who plays the young Sidharth and Akshay's daughter are too adorable in their act to be ignored. Shefali Shah has given another remarkable performance in the whatever screen time she's got in the movie. She's truly an actress par excellence. We should see her more often!

Why should you watch it?

For those who've watched its original movie, 'Warrior', they should watch it for the standard that Lions Gate, Endemol and Dharma Productions along with Fox Star have maintained in the movie which otherwise could have ended up as a disaster!

The action sequences and fights along with the rigorous training sessions till the RTF tournament are really up-class in Brothers! They've successfully managed to give you a bit of international feel during the second half which is more entertaining and actually comic! Raj Zutshi's hilarious commentary makes the second half worthwhile.

The fights which are usually predictable in such kind of movies have excellent thrills to watch out for! The background score and cinematography match up to international standards in Brothers which is a great win for a Hindi film in India! Watch it for the par excellence acting of the actors.

The flaws

With an emotionally gripping first half where the director Karan Malhotra takes his own sweet time to introduce the layers of each character in the movie, he forgets that the audience has no idea about what good is coming in the second half!

Also, the biggest disappointment in the movie is the much talked about item song, Mera Naam Mary which according to my opinion is a disaster! Kareena's love handles and awkwardly bulging body makes it look more vulgar than entertaining. Mrs. Pataudi needs to rethink her choices big time! Had it been half an hour shorter, the movie could have been far better!

The only reason why this film might not do well for cinema lovers is that the first half really kills your enthusiasm even if you know the technicalities of slow paced drama genre in filmmaking.

There's a dialogue in the movie, "Ek baar kiya toh tukka, do baar kiya toh hukum ka ikka!", the makers should have realized this that films don't get a second chance unless you've made something as great as Sholay! For those who cannot survive a highly melodramatic movie, Brothers can be totally skipped.

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