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2.7 319 Ratings

Directed by : Jagdish Rajpurohit

Release Date : | Length : 126 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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BUMBOO is a story based on the idea that in this life we all meet someone who comes and screws it all up. Each character in the film screws someones happiness leading to some extremely humorous situations.


“Even with a plethora of veteran comedians, Bumboo fails to bring in adequate laughs. By the end, the film gets so boring that you actually feel like you’ve been bumbooed.”

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  • Gross: INR 0.39 cr.
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Rated 1.0 / 5

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Bumboo also means waat lagna the title tells us. Bumbo also known as Bumboo is a drink made of rum,water,sugar and nutmeg. Can someone make me that drink?. I just got Bumbooed. During the end credits Sanjay Mishra tells the audience agar achchi lagi toh logon ko bhejna. Nahi achchi lagi toh bhi bhejna. Kyunki ek baar toh bumboo lagna banta hai. Now, i am huge fan of Sanjay Mishra but in this film even he irritates. I would say Mishraji, yeh bumboo mujhe laga bhagwan na kare kisi aur ko lage".

What's it about - Manu Gupta (sudhir pandey)is caught in a scam. He has to be taken to goa court. Mangal Singh (Sharat Saxena) has to shoot Manu Gupta and Suresh Sudhakar urf Su for friends and Susu for enemies has to click a picture of him getting shot. They end up in a hotel room next to each other and the boredom begins.plus there some other characters thrown to make sure your boredom never ends.

How is it? - bakwaas

My take - Kavin Dave is the most irritating actor in a lead role in a long time. In the movie he says log hasate hai, rulate hai, main bore karta hoon". Wish he would have seen this reality while practising these lines in front of mirror. Everyone speaks so loudly that you will see your ear wax/hair coming out and running away from the theatre. The only bit relief is provided by a character called Saltu and his gang. The director's idea of creating humour is by having all his actor shout at each other while talking and make faces. It is sad to see an actor like Sudhir Pandey doing a role like this.

Word of mouth - is saal ka sabse zor se lagne wala bumboo hai yeh. Sitting calmly through this film is like doing a two hour meditation session.

Rating - *

ticket meter - worth Rs0

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