Chal Pichchur Banate Hain

Chal Pichchur Banate Hain

2.6 248 Ratings

Directed by : Pritish Chakraborty

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  • Critics Rating 1.3/5
  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Chal Pichchur Banate Hain is a journey of a young talented boy, passionate about film making.


“Chal Pichchur Banate Hain is a predictable film with nothing new to offer. Skip it!”

Chal Pichchur Banate Hain Credit & Casting

Rahil Tandon


Chal Pichchur Banate Hain Box Office

  • Gross: INR 0.07 cr.
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Chal Pichchur Banate Hain Audience Review

Pichhar Puncture

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Every director who thinks of making a film set in the film industry especially about the struggle of someone who wants to make it in the movies should mark luck by chance as a benchmark film. If you can't better that or even come close to it dont make it.

Ony if director Pritish Chakraborty had understood the above mentioned gyaan he would have focussed his energies on telling a different story.

Suraj (Rahil Tandon) has a well payed job in the corporate set up. He's just got an offer to shift to London to work there. His life is completely normal except that he has been bitten by the filmy keeda. He keeps shooting stuff with his ekant andherakaksh. Which according to him is the hindi translation of camera. He also has nirantar shahswat junoon and want to be a producer/director. What happens to his dream to make it in the movies and what struggle he has to go through is what this film is about.

The films shows everything that you have seen/ heard before. Even though Rahil Tandon has a likeable screen presence he is still not able to make a mark as an actor. It is Bhavana Ruparel as his on screen girl friend who shows some spark. There is nice rawness in her dialogue delivery which comes across as very laidback but likeable. The director tries to tell this story as honestly as possible but that spark is missing in his telling. Maybe next time he should look for a story outside of the film world.

Word of mouth - pichhar toh ban gayi par dekhne laayak bahi nahi.

Rating - 2.5 (average)

Ticket meter - not worth a ticket.