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Chalo Dilli

Chalo Dilli

3.4 381 Ratings

Directed by : Shashant Shah

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  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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Mihika Mukherjea, Senior Vice President of a top MNC in Mumbai divides the world into losers & winners and knows which side she is on. Heading back home from Mumbai to Delhi, Mihika misses her flight and encounters Manu Gupta, a podgy and loud ladies cut-piece merchant. Manu is everything that Mihika isnt. Loud, crass, o...more


“The feel good factor together with Vinay & Lara's onscreen chemistry make Chalo Dilli a paisa-vasool ride.”

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Lara Dutta

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  • Gross: INR 9.84 cr.
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Chalo theatre

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Chalo Dilli is a road trip movie and like all such movies is centred around two totally unlike strangers who are forced to make a trip together to reach their common destination.

Due Date had Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis. Our local version has Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak. She is a sophisticated banker and he is a cloth merchant from Chandani Chowk. She is dressed in a business suit and drinks French mineral water. He chews Gutkha and keeps his money in unmentionable places. The mismatched couple travels from Jaipur to Delhi and in the journey both learn a few life lessons.

Comedies like these depend on two things I think- a string of good twists in the tale to keep you amused and secondly great chemistry between the principal actors. On the first count Challo Dilli is ok. The situations are not that funny but the dialogues are snappy. The good part is that nowhere does it dissolve into slapstick humour of the kind where the stiletto clad woman walks in to gobar or something. It is a crime that our movies commit all too often as those who suffered through Teen thay Bhai last week can attest. Each incident here is believable and realistic and you meet a cross section of fellow country men on the journey.

The chemistry between Lara and Vinay Pathak is great. Vinay Pathak has very good comic timing and though he dons his usual talkative avatar yet once more, he is warm, chivalrous and funny as he gets into trouble and then talks his way out of every mess. I had liked Lara Dutta in Billu and she does a good job here too of a person used to the comforts of life having to really slum it out with a person so clearly out of her class.

Now for some quibbles. (You did not think I was going to be all praises only did you?) I had a problem with Yana Guptas Laila main Laila item song. Not only have they mauled the original song badly but the dancing is ghastly and it suddenly slows down the pace of the film. There is also the unexplained part of how the duo get robbed of all their money and how Lara manages to change into a black dress when all she has is her handbag which has its bottom cut out and which is shown empty in one fleeting shot. I suppose shy got tired hanging around in one torn costume and needed to look glamorous.

I think you can watch this one. Its funny, warm, not very slow and most important not over the top in anything. That is a combination you cant miss simply because you don't get it so often.

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