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Chance Pe Dance

Chance Pe Dance

3.3 112 Ratings

Directed by : Ken Ghosh

Release Date : | Length : 122 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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New love convinces a struggling actor and dancer to enter a talent competition that could make him a superstar.

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Shahid Kapoor


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Chance Pe Dance Box Office

  • Gross: INR 9.34 cr.
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Chance Pe Dance Audience Review

Chance pe Enhance

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Half way through the movie and I was wondering why this movie did not work at the box office. Have people become over critical about hindi movies? Thankfully the second half gave me my answer. It was as though Ken Ghosh and the writers were blowing up a big balloon and half way through they ran out of breath and the balloon lost all its air.

Chance pe Dance had the legs to get a podium finish but stumbled midway. Even though it was a mundane run of the mill kind of a story, the execution was well done till the last 40 odd minutes spoilt the fun.

Basically the movie is about a struggler, Samir, trying to make his space in big bad Bollywood charming producers with his cool dance moves and honest acting skills.What makes it interesting was that the movie focuses more on his lifestyle than the actual struggle. After the climax you feel that something went wrong and that the movie could have turned out so much better.

Music wise also the film does not match the expectations of a dance film. Its average at best. Maybe having Vishal Shekhar as the composers might have helped.

As good as Shahid was, he couldn't save a weak script from meeting its fate. Genelia looks cute. It was good to see Mohnish Behl back in action.

This has to be Ken Ghosh's poorest effort. I am not a fan of his work anyways but a half baked pie is worse than no pie at all. He should have shelved the script if he could not find a 'dhasu' climax.

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