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Largely but not entirely based on the Hollywood original, this Saif Ali Khan starrer Chef carries over the same mood. The film is a light hearted take on a father-son relationship that evolves as they travel around different parts of the country trying to set up a food truck. An official remake of the 2014 Hollywood film Chef...more


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Saif Ali Khan

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Chef(Bollywood) Review

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Bollywood has a long history of adapting Hollywood films into its own desi versions and we have seen the results that tend to range from bad to better. This Chef remake lies somewhere in between and if I may add, is inclined more towards the better part. Adapted from the Hollywood film of the same name, Chef starred Iron Man director Jon Favreau who also wrote and directed the film. This Indian version is an official remake that stars Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Janakiraman and Svar Kamble in lead roles.

Saif stars as Roshan Kalra, a 3 Star Michelin chef who doesn't take criticism constructively from a customer in New York and ends up losing his job and his sense of identity. Chef is as much as the story of a man rediscovering his passion as much as he wants to reconnect with his son. His wife Radha stays in Cochin with his son Armaan. After a lecture from his friends that he needs some time off he comes back to India to reconnect with his roots.

There we see the obstacles faced by Roshan when he was struggling to follow his passion, his differences with his father and apologizing to his son for not being there for him. The film majorly focuses on father-son bonding just like the original. We also see Roshan proud of his Punjabi roots and constantly reminding everyone that he's from Chandni Chowk. The film has breezy 1st and 2nd halves and never seems to drag.

Saif is a natural fit for the role, as the middle-aged man who never gave time to his loved ones slowly comes to realize that work is not everything. Padmapriya as his ex-wife Radha plays her part to perfection. Also, newcomer Svar Kamble has an effortless chemistry with his onscreen Mom & Dad. We also see fan favourite Milind Soman in a Cameo appearance, a la Robert Downey Jr. from the original. The scenes between him and Saif are fun to watch as we see Roshan trying to hide his envy from the uber cool Biju.

Though the film is not a perfect recipe, some of the scenes could have been written and directed with a firm grip. For a film named Chef, we don't see Roshan dabbling in Kitchen or discovering new dishes much, it's more of a man trying to connect with his passion and family. Though we get to see a lot of cooking and eating and the close-ups of edibles are a treat to watch.

Chef offers nothing new or groundbreaking; it just tells one story in its own tone. Made at a time when most of the parents are not able to find more time to spend with their children, it'll appeal more to families and the multiplex audiences. Though it's definitely an effort in the right direction and the film should be watched for its story, cast and food.

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