Chillar Party

Chillar Party

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Directed by : Ronnie Screwvala

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  • Critics Rating 3.8/5
  • MJ Rating 3.4/5
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Chillar Party is a film about innocent but feisty children who lead a carefree and fun filled life in Chandan Nagar Colony. Soon Fatka & Bheedu come into their lives and they become an inseparable part of chiller party. The lives of these children get difficult when Bheedus life is endangered because of a mean politician....more


“Cracking performances, fantastic music and a script both humorous and emotional. Chillar Party is a must watch for everyone.”

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  • Gross: INR 4.11 cr.
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When the world over, everybody is recycling content and repackaging it to suit contemporary palates, kiddie flicks are no exception. Its difficult not to laugh watching a kid pick up adult mannerisms and act like one, and you must be some kind of a sadist not to support small kids fight for a social cause. 'Chillar Party' plays on these very emotions when it dishes out funny, somewhat entertaining and yet quite predictable fare.

The film is essentially a depiction of unionized children fighting against the system to help save a stray dog from being killed/taken away. The weapons at their disposal range from cutesy looks to hard work to chaddi marches to sentimental debates.

The first half of the film drags a little as the character introductions take a lot of time (a little information that there are in all 9 protagonists would have helped) and some predictable sequences. Add to it a Surf Excel advertisement which has been shamelessly plugged in as a part of the film itself. The plot looks like it has been lifted from a bunch of TV serials with stock characters. However the second half packs in a lot many more LPM(laughs per minute) and some twists and turns.

While child artists are always known to act much, much better than established actors,the kid who steals the show is definitely 'Janghya' (so named because he doesn't like wearing one). He is the cutest of the lot and acts brilliantly. Given a choice, I would definitely pay my way to see him again.

Is it watchable? A definite Yes. Funny, entertaining, clean, and non-preachy.
Is it stellar cinema? A Minister hellbent to kill a canine seems to be childish behavior. I doubt Sallu miyan would be able to change the perception of people towards children's films with this one. Aamir already did that for good some time ago (TZP).