Chitkabrey - The Shades of Grey

Chitkabrey - The Shades of Grey

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Directed by : Suneet Arora

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  • MJ Rating 1.2/5
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The story follows the common lives of seven couples, past, present and their unforeseen future. A temptation of action compromises their integrity.


“A story dealing with the issue of ragging on college campuses fails badly because of an incompetent cast and an overdose of preaching. Even nudity doesn’t help in gluing the audiences. Avoid at all costs!”

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Ravi Kissen

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  • Gross: INR 0.26 cr.
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Preachy Sleazy Fare

Rated 0.5 / 5
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Bold, experimental, off the beaten path is the new flavor of the season in Bollywood. Chitkabrey falls into this category, but as a very bad example.

Dealing with the issue of ragging in college campuses, Chitkabrey is the story of a group of men who, along with their spouses, receive an anonymous invite to a house. Predictably, on reaching there, they find an absent host, who in a very Big Boss-ish tone, threatens to reveal their real identities and past crimes.

The problem with the film is that it takes its experimental self a tad too seriously, ending up in a complete farce. The biggest problem is the utterly insipid performances, especially by Ravi Kishan the lead. He hams it up in every frame, making one cringe with embarrassment half way through the film. The director too opts for a holier than thou tone, making the film very preachy. Envelopes are pushed in terms of onscreen nudity. This comes across more as a gimmick to fill seats in the hall, and not an aesthetic artistic expression.

I am all for experimental cinema and quirky storytelling. Chitkabrey is neither. Films like these infact harm the greater cause of out of the box cinema. Avoid it at all costs.