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Cigarette Ki Tarah

Cigarette Ki Tarah

2.7 449 Ratings

Directed by : Akashaditya Lama

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Nikhil Dabur comes to Goa and lands a new job. Soon, things take a turn as he is held responsible for a crime he didn't commit.


“The twists and turns are lacklustre and the bad scripting make the film not worth watching. Skip it.”

Cigarette Ki Tarah Credit & Casting

Bhoop Yaduvanshi


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  • Gross: INR 0.12 cr.
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Cigarette Ki Tarah Audience Review

Bad films like this is injurious to health

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Remember that song? “ghoongroo ki tarah bajta hi raha hoon main” when i walked out of the theatre i was singing “ cigarette ki tarah jalta hi raha hoon main”

This is that kind of film in which a rich kid (Bhoop Yaduvanshi) decided to become a hero and i had to suffer it's fate.

when the film began it looked like one more wannabe star who wants to be an action hero then it looked like another film set in the hinterland of India but then the film moved to Goa and turned into a murder mystery.

Amongst all this is Prashant Narayanan as inspector Rajesh Fogat. the moment i heard his surname the image of Humphrey Bogart flashed in my mind.if this was not enough there is Sudhesh Berry as Danny D'gama minus the Vasco D'gama ki gun. a forever giggling Yuvika Chaudhry makes yet another attempt to find a foothold in the industry. Madhurima Tuli is the only one who shows some promise.

Bhoop Yaduvanshi is someone you reject on audition level. why director Akashaditya Lama decided to take him on as a lead would be anybody's guess.

Word of mouth - Cigarette ki tarah is a murder mystery with 'twists and turns' that will make you twist and turn in your seat and will keep you 'on the edge of the seat' waiting for the first opportunity to run towards the exit.

Rating - * xbd (Bad)

Ticket Meter - worth 50/- bucks

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