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Directed by : Dilip Ghosh

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The film is a high-octane, action-packed thriller starring Vidyut Jamwal who plays a trained Commando and Pooja Chopra who plays a young girl on the run. The story is set against the rugged terrains of the north and showcases action like never before.


“Commando is an action-packed entertainer with awesome stunts by Vidyut Jamwal. Go for it.”

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Vidyut Jamwal


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  • Gross: INR 19.89 cr.
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Action that leaves you awestruck!

Rated 4.0 / 5

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When I read the disclaimer at the start of the Commando trailer that said Vidhyut had done the stunts himself without cables, I was quite impressed. But when you walk out of the theater seeing what he does in those 2 hours, your jaws will drop.

To me, this one has to be watched for the arrival of a new star.

Plot is rather oldschool. Boy is an ex-army man. Girl is being troubled by a local-politico goon. Boy decides to save her from an attack and is her bodyguard of sorts. Goon tries all his might to get him finished but perishes in the bargain.

So while the story is quite run-of-the-mill, the treatment in terms of visuals & action is brilliant.. Music is ok & the second half slows down a bit.

But what is Commando....its Vidhyut Jamwal. He flies, jumps, dives, kicks, punches & more, doing stunt after stunt with insane panache. A Bruce Lee of sorts. New girl Pooja Chopra is patchy but packs in a decent punch. Bad man Jaideep Alahwat makes you hate him & is a really fun villian.

First time director Dilip Ghosh has his work cut out quite easy. Having Vidhut thrown in to do the antics, he pulls off some really hardcore moves with relative ease. Had he cut 2 songs out & slashed the narrative by 15 min, this one was a scorcher!

Even then, this one is a must watch & I dont see too many people walking out not liking it. Vidhyut is the new kid on the block & boy hes different from the lot.

To me, this might not be action that I havent seen in a Hollywood film, but for Bollywood, this will open new doors & open up a level of action that hasn't been experienced before. Win!

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