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Directed by : Ariel Vromen

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CIA agent Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) dies while traveling to a secret location to meet a hacker who can launch missiles at will. Desperate to find his whereabouts, officials turn to an experimental neurosurgeon who can transfer memories from one brain to another. The guinea pig for the procedure is Jerico Stewart (Kevin Costne...more


“Criminal's insipid execution makes waste of an excellent cast!”

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Criminal Review

Rated 1.5 / 5
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On paper, a movie boasting the likes of Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones should be nothing short of great. Unfortunately criminal is almost mind numbingly corny, a fact that is only exacerbated by how seriously it takes itself. Relying on a concept that was first introduced in the TV show Friends as a joke, Criminal's seriousness is facepalm worthy.

Ryan Reynolds is a CIA agent who's being hunted by some criminals hired by a ganglord because he knows the location of a hacker that can assume control of any missile in the world. He's killed without being able to complete his mission. In an effort to find out what he knows, the CIA signs off on an extremely risky (Duh) experiment in which the dead agent's mind would be transplanted into an inmate on death row. Kevin Costner is the lucky man to have won this lottery of despair. The operation is successful, and Kevin uses his newfound knowledge and skills to escape prison. But now he has a split personality forced upon him, which is making him lean towards finishing the original mission.

It's not impossible to take a ridiculous concept and make a good movie out of it (Take Source code for example), but Criminal just isn't it. Fans of gratuitous violence will find a lot to like here, but everyone else probably wouldn't. It's a shame, considering the excellent cast. Just don't watch this one, unless you're intent on wasting money.

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