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Directed by : Swapna Waghmare

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The story focuses on Sameer who has finally got his freedom when his stubby-girlfriend Shikha has left for a family wedding. He feels like the happiest person in the world, he parties, drinks, and even flirts with girls. He enjoys his freedom while he can, until Shikha shows back up.


“After four consecutive flops, Himesh Reshammiya has somewhat made it! While there are several flaws in the film’s direction and screenplay, an intriguing storyline and ample laughs make it a one-time-watch.”

Damadamm! Credit & Casting

Himesh Reshammiya


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  • Gross: INR 1.08 cr.
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Isme hai Dum.

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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To be completely honest I never thought a day will come when a Himesh Reshamiyya film will make me cry (in a good way). This film did that especially with 3 moments.

Whats it about? - A misleading title suggests that its a comedy but this is a story about a 5 year itch & heartbreaks. Sameer (His Highness Himesh Reshamiyya) works in a film distribution company. Every film he picks becomes a super hit. After being in a relationship with his nagging & possessive girlfriend Shikha (Purbi Joshi) for 5 years he gets his 15 days of freedom when Purbi goes to her native place. A new girl Sanjana (Sonal Sehgal ) joins office to complicate matters of heart. What happens then is what Damaadam is all about.

Does it work for me? Yes

Why? - Masquerading as a romcom this film is not a comedy and the only humor in the film is unintentional thanks to the wonderful expressions on Himesss bhais face who took the tag line he is back and he is smiling very seriously. His expressions especially in the songs are worth the ticket price. The story and screenplay offers nothing fresh but is easy going and sensitive at the right places. Director Swapna Waghmares story telling is old school but she extracts a decent performance from Himesh and just for that she is applaud worthy. Himesh has put in a lot of effort and it shows in the film. The humiliating release of his last film must have been an eye opener for him. Having Purbi Joshi is the masterstroke of the film. She is the anchor and the star of the film. Irritating to the core in the 1st half she does a complete turnaround with her mostly silent portrayal of a break up. Her breakdown at the beach is one of the high points in the film. Sonal Sehgal doesnt have a meaty role but she gives her best in whatever little she gets.

Final few words: Damaadam may not have lots of dam but whatever it has is good enough.

Rating: ** 1/2

Ticket Meter: Worth 150 bucks