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Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

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Directed by : Gauri Shinde

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An unconventional thinker (Shah Rukh Khan) helps a budding cinematographer (Alia Bhatt) gain a new perspective on life.


“Alia + SRK + Life Lessons make for a sweet, sluggish but compelling watch!”

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Dear Zindagi Review

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Dear Zindagi is nothing but a compilation of Life Lessons.

The credit goes to the stellar cast, but Dear Zindagi belongs and very deservingly belongs to writer, director Gauri Shinde.

You will relate to it if you've had a break up. You'll relate to it if you've fought with everyone at home to do something unconventional. You'll relate to it if you're struggling with your sexuality. You'll relate to it if you've experienced sibling rivalry. You'll relate to it if your parents don't understand you. You'll relate to it if you think your life is full of shit and all the wrong happens only to you. You'll relate to it if you've had a troubled childhood. You'll relate to it if you've embedded something deep inside you and have not even told your best friend. You'll relate to it if you have one go to person who patiently listens to every single word you speak. You'll relate to it if you've got a guardian angel or a mentor who's made you what you are. You'll relate to it if you've been fiercely independent and matured at a very young age. You'll relate to it if you're fighting with yourself. You'll relate to it if you terribly miss someone who doesn't even care if you exist. You'll relate to it if you have nagging relatives who only want you to get married, and they've started doubting your sexuality, ofcourse they aren't comfortable with the idea of you being gay or lesbian when they pronounce it Lebanese. You'll relate to it if an aunt or uncle brings a rishta for you at family gatherings. You'll relate to it if you've lived away from your parents. You'll relate to it if you've seen your dream shattering. You'll relate to it if you're tired of fighting with yourself. You'll relate to it if that much jinxed Goa trip isn't happening at all. You'll relate to it if you keep feeling guilty of being in many relationships. You'll relate to it if no one fits in your life.

Dear Zindagi is everything that an urbane woman or man would go through. How young talent and emotions have been suffocated by our traditional society, how commitment phobic we've become and how easy it to move on after a break up is. The screenplay, music, moments, impeccable dialogues and splendid ensemble cast do justice to Gauri Shinde's vision, but, this film is not for the masses. It is centered around a youthful urban girl so that restricts the target audience to only migrants who move out of small towns to find their dreams and make a fortune. Dear Zindagi is not a common man's cup of tea.

The entire movie is a beautiful compilation of the phases of every struggling youngster whose struggle seems bigger than anyone else. At some point of time there's a sequence in the film which signifies that we try too hard to fit everyone in our life. We don't give them enough space and sometimes we give them too much importance. May be some people are worth a cameo in our lives and that's it. Some people become our habit, some people become our mentor, but they also don't stay for long. Dear Zindagi signifies that they too shall leave. It's your Zindagi, your fight, you are the master, and you need to mentally channelize yourself. Zindagi begins with you and ends with you. It's what you make of it. The way we choose chairs or furniture or clothes, the same way we need to choose people in our life. Every chair can fit one kind of person.

The major setback in Gauri's screenplay is the sluggish phase where you honestly will get distracted, bored and a little too overdrugged with philosophy. In an otherwise amazing narration, there comes a patch in the second half where you feel that it's being stretched.

Emotional people can carry a box of tissues, detached people can just secretly cloud their eyes and those who don't cry at the movies, you too might well up in the second half.

Alia's performance is phenomenal. This 23 year old actress is way too mature at her craft for her age. She cries and makes you cry and that's her success. SRK is amazing in whatever screen time he has. You would like to buy a DVD later and may be want to write down his dialogues in a diary for life or Instagram them. They're too good! Kunal Kapoor's role is too small and I personally think we need to see more of this fabulous actor. Dear Zindagi has a lot of surprises and you must look forward to them.

I'd like to get the personal contact details of the art director because all the artwork is bloody brilliant. Every set is mind-blowing to say the least.

Kausar Munir's lyrics and Amit Trivedi's music are gems!

While a lot of people are calling it Alia's best, I think I'd go with Udta Punjab this year, but yes, she's undeniably great in the film. A special mention to one scene where the family sits together! Hoping to see it viral in a few days because that's the story of every Indian kid! It is yet another film about self discovery and this time for the young blood, but I feel English Vinglish is still Gauri's best. We need to see more of her amazing work! She knows your psychology too well! She's Jug basically!

Dear Zindagi is a one-time watch, but not for the massy audience. You've got to love philosophy to understand this movie. It's a little deep. I wish Gauri took her own dialogue seriously, "Genius is about knowing when to stop."

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