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Dehraadun Diary

Dehraadun Diary

2.3 106 Ratings

Directed by : Milind Ukey

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Dehraadun Diary is a film about the strength in common man, the fury that loss lends you and fearlessness that come only with unconditional love.


“Dehraadun Diary is brought down by amateur filmmaking and cringeworthy acting. Skip it!”

Dehraadun Diary Credit & Casting

Adhyayan Suman

Dehraadun Diary Box Office

  • Gross: INR 0.35 cr.
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Dehraadun Diary Audience Review

Pathetic start to the year!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Every once in a while, there comes an experience when your work makes the beauty of a cinema hall feel like a torture chamber, when being a writer is the worst job & when you fail to understand why Bollywood churns out redundant crap (without stars even).

Unfortunately, that for me was the first film this year!

So what is Dehraadun Diary:

1. One of two innocent sweet lovers murdered - Check

2. Killer is related to the living lover - Check

3. Political angle thrown in - Check

4. Fight against the corrupt system - Check

5. Dastardly turarounds by witnesses - Check

6. Candlight Vigil ala Rang De Basanti - Check

7. Good wins over Evil - Check

8. Title really making no sense - Check

9. Hamming to another level by majority of the cast - Check

10. Expletives thrown in every now & then to establish gritty feel - Check

11. Viewer left deeply disturbed - Check

I feel a bit for Adhayan Suman as the guy can act. Sadly, this does him only damage. At one point when the brother of the dead cries out loud in frustration, I looked around at the 8 other people in the theater & we all thought to ourselves, what idiots these guys must be to come watch this out of choice.
I'm sure they werent give a choice either. Amen.

P.S- My car tyre blew up on the way back home. Unrelated but added to the frustration.

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