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Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma

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To counter the ever-rising criminal activities, some top officials decide to create a new unit which is officially referred to as The Department. It is the story of a terrifying power struggle within the bowels of the mother of all powers the police Department.


“With a frequently fluctuating screenplay, weird camera handling, unconvincing performances and several technical glitches, RGV’s Department easily outdoes his 2007 box-office dud Aag. A must skip!”

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  • Gross: INR 11.89 cr.
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Department Audience Review

Rogue Filmmaking

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Of all places one could possibly think of placing a camera, RGVs favourite place is right between the legs. Dont be disgusted please. Ramu ji always has a reason to justify his actions or at least gives one the opportunity to guess. So as per my guess, this new type of camera shot could be called crotchcam or rogue filmmaking.

The following conversation is fictional:

Much before the start of shooting for RGVs Department, everybody including RGV, Big B, Sanjay Dutt and RaNa sat down for a discussion.

RGV: Thank you all for coming on such short notice.

Everybody: Arey Ramu ji, dont worry. Tell us why did you call for this meeting?

RGV: Yes, Im coming to that. I reckon all of you are aware that well be filming Department from next week? However, Im still not convinced with whatll be different about this film from my other films.

Everybody: Well, its yet another take on Mumbai gang life from you. Doesnt that make it special?

RGV: No. Tell me, will you watch the same porn movie with different cast again and again? I doubt!

Everybody: How about adding few seductive songs? Bring your item girls, Nisha or someone.

RGV: All films off late are following the same formula. Im RGV, I dont follow. I innovate

Everybody: So, what have you finally decided?

RGV: Well, I was thinking of an innovative camera shot. Most scenes in the film will be shot through this path breaking camera shot

Everybody: Wow. Whats that Ramu Ji?

RGV: Its called crotchcam, a first-of-its kind innovation. I place the camera right between the legs and give a feel of elevated shot.

Everybody: (Not knowing what to say) thats awesome. I mean, its little awkward but what the heck, lets do it.

RGV: Great, we start shooting tomorrow then.

Everybody: Makes sense but are you sure it wont end up showing the audience something they never wished to see? I guess you know what were talking about?

RGV: Not at all. It will leave everybody in awe undoubtedly.
Jokes apart! RGVs Department stands apart in the most peculiar fashion. It gives the audience a sense of relentless disgust while to a very few viewers, one being me, it makes sense. I dont appreciate RGVs innovation here but nevertheless would take a minute to say, hes got guts to experiment. Do you if you were a filmmaker? Ramu takes his experimentation up a notch by doing the unthinkable. Experiments most of the times end up in a state of denial (failure) for most and Ramu unfortunately is one among them.

Department is an unadulterated taken on Mumbai mafia once again by RGV. The story revolves around the goal of Inspector Mahadev Bhosale (Sanjay Dutt), to eradicate the gangster nexus. He sets up an encounter specialist Department, comprising of righteous cop Shivnarayan (RaNa). Together they hunt down innumerous local goons and work their way up the ladder to lay their hands on Sawatya (Vijay Raaz), one of the two dons ruling Mumbai. Conflict arises between Shiv and Mahadev, after Shiv comes under the shelter of politician Sarjerao Gaikwad (Big B. The shades of grey of each character and lack of trust on each other follow through a series of twists and turns.

In few words, RGVs Department is definitely one of his best films but his worst to conclude. The ensemble cast of Sanjay, Big B and RaNa only heightens expectations but fail to sustain or make any impact. Music is passable while Ramus characters leave you in splits. Big B reprises a nastier version of Sarkar, and Abhimanyu Singh as DK delivers what hes best at, being maniacal.

Not to forget moments of voyeurism, which literally take you to the level of loathing? Nathalia Kaur will definitely flourish in the industry because she knows how to flaunt it. Good luck to her. Department is not RGVs failure but downfall.