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Desi Kattey

Desi Kattey

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Directed by : Anand Kumar

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  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Desi Kattey is a movie about two friends, who've been making guns and accidentally learn shooting. The story is about their journey of how one of them represents India as a shooter in the Olympics and the other joins the under-world. A good versus evil story on how pistol manufacturers choose diametrically different fields.


“ With an unbearably stereotypical story line, sub par performances, and a long drawn second half, Desi Kattey is a disaster of a movie will make you want to walk out of the theater before it ends. ”

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Sunil Shetty


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  • Gross: INR 2.95 cr.
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Desi Kattey Audience Review

Desi Kattey Backfires Bigtime!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Though I didn't have much expectations from director Anand Kumar after the dismal Zilla Ghaziabad but at least I expected his next to be an improvement. However, it is far from it and Anand Kumar needs to go back and learn basics before attempting any other movie now. The actors and the screenplay make it worse.

Desi Kattey is a story of two friends 'Pali' & 'Gyani' who master the craft of making guns and aim to build an effective 'brand' image in underworld. But the two friends end up choosing two different paths - 'Acchai Ka Rasta' & 'Burai Ka Rasta' and what unfolds in their respective paths is the rest of the story.

The movie is dreadfully edited. One fails to connect to what's happening around as there is lack of smooth transitions and overdose of randomness. It was as if the word 'Layering' didn't exist for the makers. Music by the great Kailash Kher is below par as not even a single track makes any sort of impression on the listeners.

There is Too Much Acting! Sasha Agha continues her disastrous acting phenomenon from Aurangzeb. Every time you see her making an effort to act, you feel sorry for her. But the real star here is Akhil Kapur who has left Sasha behind by a far margin. One smile, one anger and only one Akhil Kapur! Jay Bhanushali needs to work harder as an actor. He shows glimpses of potential but also glimpses where we find him quite star struck by Sasha and Akhil. Sunil Shetty is the perfect Shetty Anna character that we expect him to be. Ashutosh Rana remained under-utilized.

In all, Desi Kattey is a nightmare that should be shot dead and long forgotten before you wake up.

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