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Dharam Sankat Mein

Dharam Sankat Mein

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Directed by : Fuwad Khan

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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The film revolves around a Hindu man who goes through an identity crisis when he discovers he was adopted as a son in a hindu family but was born in a Muslim family.


“Try as it might, Dharam Sankat Mein is no OMG - Oh My God!”

Dharam Sankat Mein Credit & Casting

Naseeruddin Shah


Dharam Sankat Mein Box Office

  • Gross: INR 9.07 cr.
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Dharam Sankat Mein Audience Review

It’s No OMG!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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The expectations from this film were huge as it came from the same studio and actor which brought us Oh My God. Even the promos looked suggestive of the film to be a fun ride. But nothing of that sort really happened. Ofcourse, the film has its quirky moments and is off the normal Bollywood topics but is not able to sustain the same intensity as OMG or even PK did.

An anti-Muslim, Brahmin Hindu 'Dharam' (Paresh Rawal) discovers one day that he was adopted and his parents were Muslim. With help from his neighbor Nawab something something Khan Bahadur (Annu Kapoor), he comes to knowledge of the fact of his father still being alive. But before meeting his father, he has to learn mannerisms of a devoted Muslim. He also plans on helping his son out by learning proper Hindu mannerisms to impress his girlfriend's parents as they are staunch Hindus! His life gets messed up between these two religions and when the truth is revealed about his real identity to the world, his family and the society disowns him! How he manages thereafter is the rest of the story.

The biggest worry of the film is its direction by Fuwad Khan. When you have such a great cast, you should not waste it with a shoddy script! It was very evident from the movie that he tried too hard to woo his audience in his goal to bring out the perfect mix of social and humor appeal but ended up doing nothing.

The background score is just average as it neither excites nor builds to the suspense of the film. Although the songs of the movie are worth appreciation, especially 'Takke Tu' by Gippy Garewal! It's a perfect party number.

The movie was all about Paresh Rawal and he did the best he could to give his audience a few good laughs but that was it. He tried really hard to keep the film going forward but the script lacked the punch! Naseeruddin Shah as Neelanand Baba was different and funny but the scope of his character was enormous which probably was never explored by the director. The screen space given to him was too less and that's what one calls wasting of a gem of an actor! Annu Kapoor once again showed his versatility from playing the Punjabi Dr. Chaddha in Vicky Donor to the elite Nawab with very fine diction to the utmost brilliance. His dialect and detailing as Muslim character was spot on.

In all, you could give Dharam Sankat Mein a watch only if you love to talk about religion, absolutely crave for films like Oh My God and can stand the idea of a no-brainer!

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