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Directed by : Rohit Shetty

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Diwale is a Rohit Shetty directorial that brings together the ever loved jodi of SRK and Kajol. The action comedy also stars Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan who plays Shahrukh's younger brother. The film is set to hit the screens on December 18th.


“SRK-Kajol cannot always work magic, a cliched script like this can sometimes undo them.”

Dilwale Audience Review

Dil todne wale

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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I have had a totally schizophrenic day. From the sublime to the ridiculous I have traveled great distances. Where Bajirao Mastani enriched my soul, Dilwale plucked it out of its cocoon of tenderness and threw it into the rubbish heap of sheer nonsense. The tragedy is seeing stars like SRK and Kajol come together again for something as stupid as this movie. I can stomach Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon doing movies like these but the other two are iconic and deserve a movie where they shine like the stars they are and not throw off cheap glitter like tinsel at the building Christmas party.

So, Kali and Meera are kids of two gagsters in Bulgaria and they fall in love. Their dads kill each other and Meera blames Kali for killing her dad and they break up. They each have a younger sibling who of course will fall in love in Goa where the two exes have now settled and are leading reformed lives. So now the two hearts have to be reunited so that the younger two can marry. To simply add more junk to the story there is a don who sells drugs, the two brothers are not real siblings and there is a sidekick who is a thief. Enough said.

Rohit Shetty's obsession with cars continues and enough of them are thrown around in various fight sequences to give you a headache. The story jerks around like a marionette with a drunken puppeteer. What comes across clearly is that all 4 lead actors have strong spines. They keep bending backwards and embracing each other causing people like me with back problems huge jealousy.

SRK looks very old then very young in flashbacks and then very old again. There is zero passion in his acting. But oh, sorry, he doesn't need it. It's a Rohit Shetty film. The cars need to know acting. Kajol looks too white. Where is her lovely dusky complexion? And someone should stop her from wearing those ridiculous heels on the beach and tottering around. Varun Dhawan does his usual act but really needs to modulate his voice. He sounds too much like the neighborhood tapori guy. Kriti Sanon looks pretty, but the cars are prettier. Boman Irani as the drugs don wears pastel coloured suits and does a strange act that is a cross between the Joker and Austin Powers. Johnny Lever plays some mad Southie guy, Sanjai Mishra a fence and he along with the sidekick played by the dependable though typecast Varun Sharma provide the laughs.

There are a few scenes that make you laugh but that's the problem. There are very few of them. The emotional scenes feel false. The songs are a bore and you saw Gerua already. What is left? Nothing, except pieces of your tattered heart. Totally avoidable.

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