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3.2 2,049 Ratings

Directed by : Sanamjit Singh Talwar

Release Date : | Length : 119 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Born in the upper middle class society, Viki had no mother and his father had no time for him. The cold loneliness of Viki's world left him weak and tainted from within. Absence of love and care pushed Viki to find acceptance in other places. One such place was just a road away from his plush apartment- The Gangster-Land. Vik...more


“Dishkiyaoon is a messy action film with too much style and not enough substance. Despite Harman Baweja's commendable performance, this film doesn't quite hit the mark. ”

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Sunny Deol

Dishkiyaoon Box Office

  • Gross: INR 5.18 cr.
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Dishkiyaoon Audience Review

Film is bad, very bad..but Harman isn't

Rated 1.5 / 5

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So I dont think the time, effort & agony that has gone into

a)Watching this film &

b)Writing this review

will be of any use because no one will & should watch Diskiyaoon (with the absurd spelling).

Either ways, I'll give you some info. Our boy Vicky has a father who's non-violent. This doesnt go down too well with the son who would rather be a Gangster because he insipred by a guy called Mota Tony. So then he sets off on this ambitious journey which is told to us through a story being narrated to Sunny "dhai kilo ka haath" Deol. From time to time, acton sequences are thrown in & there is enough masala dialogue for the average movie watcher, who in this case wont be in the hall.

To be fair, Harman Baweja looks great & is a decent actor as well. In a time where many random names are thriving, this boy has just gotten unlucky. Sunny Deol is random & Prashant Narayan is brilliant.

I also really enjoyed the dialogues of this film, which are peppered with corny one-liners, few of which I would surely use to irritate people.

To sum it up, if you are reading this specific review, I feel for you. Ofcourse its ironical that the man who saw this film could feel bad for anyone else, but you get the drift. No way can I reccomend this to any human being, even on television.

The film is so bad that even the sexy Shilpa Shetty doing an item number went wrong!

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