Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni Chaar

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Directed by : Habib Faisal

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The story of a middle-class man, Duggal, and his tireless endeavour in coping with the fast, new India Shining. Phupho, Duggals little sister arrives from Meerut. She is here to invite them to a wedding at her in-laws and give them an ultimatum. They have to come by a car. The only problem is that the Duggals dont own a car. ...more


“A must watch with your family. The film will keep a smile on your face throughout!”

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Rishi Kapoor

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  • Gross: INR 4.23 cr.
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A slice of me, and a slice of you - Onscreen

| by Manu Agrawal |
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First things first - What about the 30 year old chemistry? After all, thats what attracted audiences to theaters in the first place. Ummm... Lets just say... the kind of sparks that fly between Mr and Mrs Rishi Kapoor, sonny dearest could never recreate with Deepika Padukone. And probably never will. Because washboard abs, drop-dead looks and exotic locales are trivial - true love and understanding are sometimes found in middle-income, crampy flats in the bylanes of Shalimar Bagh.

But hang on a moment - this film has a lot more going for it than an 80s superstar couple. The actual star here is the story, which reflects the daily struggle of a middle class Indian family to maximize happiness within a limited budget.

The Duggals are your quintessential Delhi 'Funjaabis' - boisterous & loud, yet funny & lovable. Papa Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) is a maths teacher in a private school, doing all he can for his wife and kids, while Mummy Duggal (Neetu Kapoor) runs the show at home, delivering everything from chicken curry to good advice. Beti Duggal is a tomboyish college student with a penchant for 4-wheelers, and Beta Duggal is a crafty young man - realizing that his aspirations are much higher than what his family can afford, he resorts to betting to increase his dispensable income splurging it on chicken buckets, girlfriends, and an iPhone.

One fine day, The Duggals declare that they need a car to mollify their bruised egos, as not having one has proven to be disgraceful. After all, dont we all judge a person by the size of the 'thing' parked outside his house - The 'Bajaj Chetak' is a softie and a loser, while nobody dares mess with the Maruti Swift owner. But I digress: coming back to the story, the Duggals try everything in their capacity to manage a down payment and EMIs. While they do get the car or not is left for the viewer to find out, in the process, this family does teach us a lot about how life is meant to be lived.

The story captures the middle class so succintly, it feels as if somebody has been spying on us the entire time - the anecdotal situations reflect the trials and tribulations of Indian society. And their are mandatory lessons in goodness too, as are present in all Disney movies (this one has been produced by them too).

The 4 characters fit the Duggals to the 'D' - Rishi Kapoor with his woolen scarf, knitted sweaters and a huge paunch he doesn't pretend to hide, and Neetu with her salwar suits and Punjabi accent. The kids are revelations, too - they have well developed characters to portray which they do beautifully. Even the side actors need special mention - the gol-matol bua, the 'Sting Operation specialist' TV anchor (even though he rarely comes out of the TV screen, he plays an integral part in the story) and the neighboring Farookhi family, who share a love-hate relationship with the Duggals. The songs, although not designed to be chart toppers, are highly relevant and well timed- never do they dare interrupt the narrative, still evoking laughs as they acutely portray the moods present in a particular scene.

A thought: With the sleazy Emran Khan starrer Crook hogging all single screens this week, I guess only the Singhanias and Malhotras can catch this one in the multiplexes: The Duggals of Delhi have hefty EMIs to pay, and they simply cannot afford to spend 1 grand on entertainment. Well, a second thought: they don't need it too - they are actually living the story as we speak !

This is one cinematic tryst you simply cannot afford to miss.