Dobaara -See Your Evil

Dobaara -See Your Evil

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Directed by : Prawaal Raman

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Dobaara See Your Evil is a Hindi horror movie that stars real life sibling Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem.

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Huma Qureshi


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Victims of a mirror?

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The movie under review belongs to the genre of 'horror'.It's a genre which is not commercially successful at the box office,yet some film makers attempt it.Same is the case here.
What's the plot? The family of Merchants lives in their house in the countryside of Britain of the 90s.It has ' hum do'( Alex and Lisa) and "hamery do'( Natasha and Kabir).The siblings(15 and 11) are privy to marital discord relationship of their parents .They get killed.By whom?Why?
The son thinks it's he.The daughter thinks otherwise.What unfolds is the rest.
Where does the movie score? The length(106 minutes) is appropriate.The foursome family is appropriately cast.All play their ages.The performances ( Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray as parents and Huma Qureshi and Saqib Salem as the siblings) are believable.It's a rarity that real life siblings are also reel life siblings here.Mealina Bellarm Ion as the seductress witch haunts She proxies for a mirror,which has a mystery of it's own.Rhea Chakraborty marks her presence as the like of Saqib in a cameo.The investigations to the killings are being undertaken by the siblings themselves ,not the cops.There is an element of chill till the mystery is revealed.
The scene stealers? The dissappearance of the family pet dog Rambo.The haunting voice being heard by Saqib in his cell in response to a call made to his girl friend.
Where the movie falls short? It's not original nor contemporary.The story is not presented in a linear manner.Scenes of before and after a decade coexist.It
becomes difficult for a layman to understand.The
movie goes through the motion once the mystery is out.
All in all Dobbara( the trauma repeating for the siblings now) is a one time watch for believers in spirits.