English Vinglish

English Vinglish

3.9 2,177 Ratings

Directed by : Gauri Shinde

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  • Critics Rating 3.6/5
  • MJ Rating 3.6/5
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English Vinglish is the story of Shashi, a woman who doesn't know English and is made to feel insecure about it by her family and society at large. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.


“Sridevi makes a stellar comeback. With its simple yet intricate storytelling, English Vinglish is a refreshing watch.”

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  • Gross: INR 38.92 cr.
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English Vinglish

Rated 4.0 / 5

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One can truly say that one went in without any anticipation or excitement. The only motto being '....a good movie is a good movie' - irrespective of the cast.

Having stated the above, may one be now permitted to say WOWWW!!!!!

No jhataks, mataks, no rain-drenched 'clad in chiffon saree' scenes, no squeaky, shrill dialogues...... just a superfine performance from Sridevi. A fine performance because, clichxe9d as it may sound, Madame Sridevi let her eyes do most of the acting.

Excellent casting, simplicity of the theme, simplicity in the dialogue - a lesson on how a film can be sweet, funny, bring a tear to the eye AND not be boring, not be over the top - not for a moment.

Kudos to Gauri Shinde and her team, most of all for keeping it real.

The story is quite simply that of a housewife's step out of her comfort zone to learn English, a step towards earning attention and respect in a world that puts way too much emphasis on 'English-Vinglish'.

Commendable support from the huge cast, each holds their own - none of them drowned out by the persona of Sridevi.

Dare one say that this film may lead to :

A. the sprouting of English speaking institutes (no opinions volunteered here)

B. the return of the saree, especially the printed cotton ones. Beautiful!

One confession though..... there is a hint of the famous 'jhataks-mataks' but really, in the film's defence, in the context of a 'shaadi'. That is the truth, really.

So before one happily goes on and on, lets just get to the bottomline - go see the movie !