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Directed by : Sajid-Farhad

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  • MJ Rating 1.6/5
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A DOG who lives a man's life and A MAN who lives a dog's life!


“Entertainment is the equally unfunny, illogical, headache inducing, tasteless counterpart of Humshakals. With very few redeeming points like the genuinely hilarious Krushna Abhisheik, this film leave you craving for some actual entertainment. ”

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Akshay Kumar

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  • Gross: INR 64.30 cr.
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ZIlch Entertainment

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Films with animals as protagonists aren’t rare. There was the delightfully cheesy Haathi mere Saathi or the amazing Marley and Me that talk of the man and animal bond. Then there also is a Teri Meherbaaniyaan that makes us cringe and the pets we love so much go into depression. Entertainment falls in the latter category.


So there is a dog and its called Entertainment. Then there is Akshay Kumar who behaves like a complete dog. He is a DNA- Daady’s Naajayaz aulaad (three science students next to me actually walked out after this was announced on screen) and is poor. He does have money though to fly to Bangkok when he gets to know his dad is dead and there is money for him to spend.  Once there, he meets two more cranked up pigs (Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood) who also want the money. Sadly for them (and us) all the money is entitled to the dog. So this is the story of how they win the money and the dog. Tamannah has some vague apology for an existence in the film with a father who doesn’t want her to marry a poor guy and how she wants to marry Akshay.


Sajid-Farhad are used to churning out such gems. After himmatwala, one should not expect anything great from them either. Yet they would stoop so low is beyond imagination.   Entertainment marks newer depths to which comedy as a genre is being buried under by mainstream “directors” and film makers in our industry.   Dialogues like “jaisi karni waisi Mamta Kulkarni” or “kutte ko maar akshay kumar” pass for attempts at tickling our funny bone.  Songs like Johnny Johnny” and “How I wonder what you are “ ruin whatever little innocence was left in every kid in the audience, not to mention pour harpic and wash off my fond memories of school.  Who do I hold responsible for this latest assault on my senses and general well being? All those who were laughing around me while this monstrosity of a movie went through the running time.



These are the same kind of people who made Kick its 200 crores last two weeks. They are also the same ones who donated about 50 crores to Humshakals last month.  What hides inside their skulls I wonder sometimes.  Most of the times though I just look up the sky and wish some alien kidnapped them.


Leaving your brain behind to enjoy this film will not be enough. You would need an abnormally high level of tolerance and patience to sit through this drivel fest.  

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