Enthiran - The Robot

Enthiran - The Robot

3.5 1,754 Ratings

Directed by : S. Shankar

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  • Critics Rating 3.0/5
  • MJ Rating 3.5/5
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Dr. Vasi creates Chiti the robot to help society. Chiti however isn't an ordinary robot. He can feel, and after transformation, the first feeling he discovers is love. Will love come in the way of Dr. Vasi's purpose of creating Chiti? Will Dr. Vasi's own creation destroy him?


“An entertaining film that is a must watch for all the Rajni fans! Those who aren't can also give this a shot and see if they change their mind after seeing the superstar in action.”

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Rated 3.0 / 5

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Daane daane pe likha hai khaane wale ka naam. said Rajni at a press conference in Mumbai and that clip became one of the most circulated virals on Facebook. Almost everyday someone was sharing that link. A role rejected by Kamal Haasan & SRK. Thank god for that. Probably they also imagined Rajni when they heard the narration because if there is anybody who was destined to play this role it was him.

"Ek se bhale do, do se bhale teen. Rajni appears in two roles but three avatars. A scientist, a good robot and as a bad robot. Shankar mixes a bit of Bicentennial man & I, Robot to tell the story of a robot who acquires human emotion and falls in love with his creators girl friend. But, you dont walk into a Rajni film to see a story but to experience one and in its almost 3 hrs duration Shankar & Rajni give you an experience you will not forget for a long time. There is a fantastic fight sequence in a train, a hilarious scene between Rajni and a mosquito, a fight sequence in the market which got the first full throttle seetis in the hall and a climax which is by far the most masaledaar climax of a Rajni film I have seen. This is S.Shankar's best film yet in terms of the technical wizardry he displays. And this time his direction is also a bit toned down. Guess the attempt is to reach a larger audience base.

What I found irritating were the songs and it does not help even though one of it was shot in Machu Pichu. The only thing to do then in the songs is to ogle at another mans wife (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan spelt as Bachan), who has put on a little weight perfect for the South Indian audiences. They like their women plump. Swanand Kirkires lyrics were an ear sore. He was in a P.K. Mishra avatar in the lyrics dept but his dialogues dont make one feel that this is a dubbed film. The thing I missed the most is Rajni delivering his own lines in Hindi & the humor. the film required a little humor and less songs. The music by Rahman is his weakest album for Shankar.

Final few words: Finally, we have a cure for malaria and his name is Superstar Rajni aka Chitti The Robot. And also a solution to the Ayodhya issue. Put a Rajni idol there and screen his films. Hindu,Muslim, Sikh, Isaayi sab aayenge darshan ke liye DOT

Rating : *** ( Good)

Ticket Meter: 200/- ( I will spend again to watch Endhiran soon. Hopefully at Aurora)