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Directed by : Rajat Kapoor

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They say that matches are made in heaven. This is one film where they ae undone in heaven.But then again, that's the strange thing about love: just when the worst has happened, the best happens almost like the nightmare mever took place, almost like love is undeniable, almost love and hope are two faces of the same coin. Nand...more


“A light hearted comedy that doesn't have to try too hard to please. Refreshing concepts and good acting combine to make a movie that you shouldn't miss!”

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Ranvir Shorey

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Fat free entertainment

Rated 3.0 / 5

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If the trailers, posters and promotions made you feel like Fatso is a comedy about a fat man then let me tell you its not. Its more of a love story with comic elements. The basic concept reminded me of probably the only Rajendra Kumar film I liked and it comes to my mind when I think of him. Its called Jhuk Gaya Aasman (1968) which in turn was a remake of the Hollywood film Here comes Mr Jordan (1941). But this is not a remake of either of them.

Whats it about? On new years eve Purab Kohli tells Gul Panag that he wants to grow old with her. Purab has three close friends Neil Bhoopalam, Gunjan Bakshi and Ranvir Shorey in and as Fatso! Just when everything is going well in their lives tragedy strikes and Purab dies in an accident & reaches heaven which is more of a municipal office and learns that there has been a mistake and Ranvir was supposed to be picked up. He is sent back into Ranvirs body and thus begins the story of Fatso.

How is it? Nice and light.

My take Rajat Kapoor takes a concept that has been done to death before and spins a nice take on love and being happy with what you have. Much of the fun part is when Purab is at the so called last station and adding to the fun is Brijendra Kala (the journalist from Paan Singh Tomar). I just love his style of dialogue delivery. Ranvir Shorey in the title role gets to come in the forefront only in the 2nd half and doesnt let you down. Gunjan Bakshi is the new face amongst the whole bunch and she leaves an impression. What works for the film is that it doesn't misuse the concept it works with but is light and breezy. The relationship between the friends feels real and it avoids going the clichd route of Ranvir trying to convince everyone that he is Purab. Even the end is fresh and doesnt follow the tried and tested route. The music and background by Sagar Desai also helps in keeping the film easy on your senses. Keep your eyes out for some walk on parts by Manu Rishi, Vinay Pathak and Konkona Sen Sharma. I think I also spotted Puja Swaroop (her performance in TGIYB was fabulous) in the opening party scene.

Word of mouth This fatso will make you feel good about yourself.

Rating - *** (Above Average)

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