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2.6 185 Ratings

Directed by : Rajat Kapoor

Release Date : | Length : 98 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.0/5
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They say that matches are made in heaven. This is one film where they ae undone in heaven.But then again, that's the strange thing about love: just when the worst has happened, the best happens almost like the nightmare mever took place, almost like love is undeniable, almost love and hope are two faces of the same coin. Nand...more


“A light hearted comedy that doesn't have to try too hard to please. Refreshing concepts and good acting combine to make a movie that you shouldn't miss!”

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Ranvir Shorey

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  • Gross: INR 0.15 cr.
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Fatso! Audience Review

Light and Bright!

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Kanika Bhatia Vats (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It's a rom-com. It has bromance. Lots of romance. Tells you to give life a chance and that GREAT things happen to Fatsos!

The story: Purab Kohli dies in a car crash, leaving his fiance, Gul, all alone, lonely, depressed, in the pits. He reaches 'up' and finds out that he wasn't supposed to die, but his fat, boring friend, Ranvir Shorey was. The GM 'up' there decides to send him back down but he will have to live in the Fatso's body. He accepts, BUT will Gul find true love in a fat man?

I won't tell, but I think you already know.

The film is funny and has great music (also great for twisting/could be a great for work outs too). The actors, especially Ranvir Shorey, were super. Though shot in Bombay, you didn't see the usual Marine Drive, Chowpatty, Carter Road locations, which was VERY refreshing. The film also had ALOT of color and was very color coordinated which made me smile. A blue ambassador was the car of choice, complimented by a red scooter which Fatso drove around in the rain. This also made me smile.

The film does't have to try very hard to please. It's light, refreshing, a no-brainer comedy, but you feel wiser when you walk out. The second half was a little slower than the first but not worth complaining about, especially not when all I've been telling myself that it's all about love, not the cheeeejy kinds, but loving the stars, the moon, the smell of flowers, the puppies, you get the flow?

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