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A Flying Jatt

A Flying Jatt

3.2 1,974 Ratings

Directed by : Remo D'Souza

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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A Jatt superhero (Tiger Shroff) who's afraid of heights has to save the world.


“Even a Jatt superhero couldn't get past the 'curse of the second half'!”

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Tiger Shroff

A Flying Jatt Audience Review

A Flying Jatt Review

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Zinia Bandyopadhyay (840,423 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Have you seen ads all around you screaming that you need to keep the environment clean and green? That you need to reduce on pollution and use more effective sources of energy so as to keep the earth intact for our future generations. That all the diseases, which were once rare, are becoming commonplace because of the pollution around us. And that it lies within us to save the environment!

No, I am not a teacher of environmental education by any chance. But Remo D'Souza seriously is. Because he spun an entire two and a half hour movie out of this! And this is not some ordinary movie mind you, it's a superhero movie!


All confused now, are you? Don't be. So the basic summary of the story is our desi cool sardar superhero is the personification of nature while the villain is pollution! As crazy as that might sound, that is true!

Now let's get a little into the details:

KK Menon's Mr. Malhotra is this powerful industrialist who wants his money to grow manifolds every moment! He chooses the cheapest way of dumping industrial waste- into the river that connects to a lake! Now he wants a bridge to be made over the lake so that his transport time reduces. But for that he needs this crucial piece of land that the owner (played by Amrita Singh) is not ready to part with! Reason- the tree of religion! (If you have seen Avatar, this is the desi Tree of Life with a Ik Onkar).

Now Malhotra appoints Raka, this gigantic weirdo with some strange habits (like immersing himself and mixing with the sand) to cut the tree. He is confronted with the under confident karate teacher Aman (Tiger Shroff) who tries to stop him. Fight, blood sympathy, contact with the tree, lightning, VFX and Ta Da- Aman is now a superhero!

Raka is thrown off; he stays in barrels of toxin for nine days and becomes the villain (let's call him Toxic Raka) who derives his power from pollution.

The rest of the story is romance, comedy, action, drama, more action, face-offs and a few morals here and there.

Is That It?

No definitely not. It would be unjust to just leave it like that! The comedic timing of the film is superb! You have moments where you can't help but break into laughter. The action sequences are pretty great too. And the film is also good.

Then what went wrong:

The overdose of morals. A great fun filled first half and part of the second half culminates into a dragged climax that just does not seem to end! So much so that at a point you might feel that you are watching an extended, and also better, ad of the Swaach Bharat Campaign.

Adding to it is the other angles of the Sardars and how they are one of the most valiant communities! The film also addresses Sardar jokes and how has been affecting the younger generation of the community!


Amrita Singh is seen on-screen after quite some time and it's a treat to see her as the steadfast alcoholic Mataji who can go to any length to protect the ideals of her husband! She is natural and spontaneous and shines effortlessly in the movie!

Hollywood import Nathan Jones does a commendable job! You will be frightened of this guy, thanks to his already gigantic figure! Those eyes and the face do all the work. He is clearly the best villain Bollywood has ever seen!

Jacqueline is the weakling here, yet she gives a good performance. She does not have much meat to her role, but tries her best to give her best! Her efforts are visible, and so is her improvement! She dances like a dream and charms us with that smile.

Tiger Shroff acts very well. It is easy for him to play a super hero, thanks to that flexible body that not just bends while dancing, but can also pull off those action scenes with ease! He is a treat. You believe in Flying Jatt and his powers, thanks to the cub who is roaring with full prowess!

But you can't just get over KK Menon and his performance. While he has almost negligible role in the second half, he would make you fear him the entire first half. He looks sinister. Malevolence drips from his eyes! And he seems the perfect embodiment of evil!

P.S- Watch out for the cameo!


If you have kids in the house- just get the tickets and go. Your little ones would just love it! If you don't have one, you may still go. The film has its fair share of fun, romance, drama and action to make it paisa wasool! As a Superhero movie, this one is absolutely great.

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