Force 2

Force 2

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Directed by : Abhinay Deo

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  • Critics Rating 2.8/5
  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Force 2, brings back ACP Yashvardhan who teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down a master mind terrorist Shiv. The sequel directed by Abhinay Deo promises to pack in as much action as possible in this highly awaited action film.


“Force 2 questions logic, but answers what’s needed more – Entertainment!”

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John Abraham

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Force 2 Review- An action packed fast paced entertainer

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
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Worth a visit by all types of audiences
This film is a case of the sequel being as good as the original which was seen some years back. There is plenty of high voltage action, car chases and mayhem to raise your adrenaline level. ACP Yashwardhan ( John Abraham) with RAW agent KK( Sonakshi Sinha)  is all out to catch bad guy Bhasin who is getting RAW Operatives killed one by one in a foreign country. He has reasons to do so as explained later in the film. This movie is a bonanza for action lovers and will also be liked by other audiences since it is fast paced and keeps you hooked.( Intelligence agencies may find some procedural flaws in the film but that is not the issue in this thrilling entertainer). The sequences are gripping and the minimal dialogue is effective.The film makes some topical comments like "Gone are those days when we used to offer the other cheek. Aajkal to ghar may ghuske marte hain. Desh badal raha hai". This is bound to get the claps from the audiences. Both John and Sonakshi are convincing in their roles as the slightly mismatched duo kicking ass and keeping up the tempo in the action scenes. (John is rapidly emerging as Bollywood's answer to Dwayne Johnson as was seen in the recent "Dishoom".)
 The director has skillfully maintained the pace with some well photographed car racing action on the streets. The emotional scenes are also conceived well. Bhasin as the cool bad guy has done well and his fan base is bound to increase after this film.

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