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3.8 2,022 Ratings

Directed by : Nishikant Kamat

Release Date : | Length : 137 Minutes

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Yashvardhan, a hardheaded senior narcotics officer doesnt play by the book but always ensures that justice is served. In the midst of his most dangerous operation to crack down on Indias drug cartels, he encounters a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing until he gets his revenge for the damage done to his business by the n...more


“Based on the love story of a narcotics cop, this south remake overcomes its flaws with the help of an interesting screenplay, decent performances and a charming star cast. A one-time watch!”

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John Abraham

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  • Gross: INR 25.71 cr.
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Muscle Pow!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Muscle pow!

Last sunday I saw Kakka Kakka for the 2nd time. My wife tells me that it was a rage during her college days. It was then a task to watch Force without any prejudice towards the casting of John & Genelia.

What's it about? - It's a love story of Narcotics officer (John) with a parallel track of the workings of the narcotics department.

Does it work for me ? - Yes / No

Why? - The strong point of Kakka Kakka was the love story and the chemistry between Suriya & Jyotika worked for the film. Here it fails completely so I didn't connect with the love story at all. In fact the romantic scenes were roadblocks for me. If you don't like Genelia's voice her scenes with John will be torturous to watch. Her constant repetition of "ACP sir" in that nasal twang just gets to you if like me you are not sitting in the theatre in a dhyan mudra. I had zero expectation from both John & Genelia but they were not as bad as my expectation.

What worked for me in the film was the track involving the workings of the narcotics dept. It's USP being the way those scenes were shot and cut. The editing (Arif Shaikh) and background music are the two stars in the film. There is a minor twist towards the end. It could have been exploited to lead to an interesting climax and if written well this move could have made the love story work for John and Genelia. The original ending which was probably the reason for the original to have attained a cult status in the south doesn't work here. Nishikant Kamat makes an interesting transition from his earlier films to hardcore mainstream cinema but he should have picked up an original script to do that. The guy who plays Kamlesh (Khakee) gets the best lines in the film. No respect lost for Nishikant Kamat yet in spite of this being his weakest film. Reminds me of the conversation I overheard in the theatre. One boy to another boy 1 "John alag alag film karta hai" boy 2 " ussse kya hota hai? Film chalni bhi chahiye". I think I know why Nishikant made this film.

Final few words : Force is for those who like watching rippling muskals on screen and can sit through John & Genelia in a meditative pose like me.

Rating - ** 1/2

Ticket meter - Worth a 150 / - buck.

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