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Directed by : Abhishek Dogra

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Starring Govinda and Varun Sharma in the lead, FryDay is a comedy directed by Abhishek Dogra

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When infidality is no more crime but a source of humour.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Seeing Govinda in a 90s type film after a long time.The person who ruled Hindi cinema in his hey days flirting ,dancing ,pranking with the ' other woman',is in his comfort zone in Fryday.The BO response on day one is akin to a 'Dryday'.
Yet let the review be gone through.
The only story is of ' funny situations' happening one after another on a single day in the Greater Kailash House of one Gagan Kapoor( Govinda) ,whose a theatre artist and an ' obedient husband ' of a beautiful NGO running wife Bela( Prabhleen Sandhu).But only when both are at home.When she's off on her outdoor trips ,he turns an infidel by flirting with one of his theatre woman fan Bindu( Digangana Suryavanshi).Things take a bizare turn.
One after another the door bell starts ringing .The tune itself is funny.The maid,two girl surveyors,a water purifier seller Rajiv Chhabra,a Chore(Brijendra Kala),a courier guy and others are the visitors.Except the Chorus and Water Purifier guy all else are shunned away.
Here after the 'situational relationships ' keep on changing and humour is ' created' and each is trying to bluff the other time believe what's not there.
Whose bell rings now? OMG it's the. wife who has returned back.Why?The husband is caught ' pants down'.How each riggles out of the embarrassing situation is well handled by the director ( Abhishek Dogra) and his duo of writers( Manu Rishi Chada and Rajeev Kaul).
But is it the end? No.
Whose the last bell ringer in the climax? How is he related to the characters assembled in the house?
Who else appears on the screen? One Manchanda( Sanjay Mishra) as a motivator and Rampal( Rajesh Sharma) as the cop.
All have played their roles as required and keep the proceedings in the laugh mode.Digangana Suryavanshi( also seen in Jalebi) is the ' oomp factor',marks her presence to be noted in a confident debut.She'll go far.
Govinda's trade mark dance movements are forced upon the viewers in the opening and closing stage.Ahmed Khan being the dance master.
Varun Sharma is also funny.His role shows how hard pressed are sales men to achieve targets.
The Apex court has opened the doors for consenting infidels .The CBFC can't edit it out.
Fryday could have been better as an hour they're show than a movie.
Watch if you are fond of ' comedy'.

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