Gabbar is Back

Gabbar is Back

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Directed by : Krrish

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  • Critics Rating 2.2/5
  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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This is one such story of a man remorselessly wronged by the establishment. One freak incident results in everything he held dear taken away from him. Predictably, the system doesn't seem to care - let alone resolve. That's when Ajay (AK) takes matters in his own hands. An underground vigilante army, a secret identity, an ela...more


“Akshay Kumar is in his element in Gabbar Is Back, but is it paisa vasool? Only if you're his fan.”

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Akshay Kumar

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  • Gross: INR 86.86 cr.
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old wine new bottle

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Of late Akshay Kumar seems to have taken over the mantle of the moral vigilante of bollywood. Baby special 26 Holiday and now Gabbar , the action star has found a nrw formula tk deliver hits one after the other. Loud garish over the top and driven home by Akshay , Gabbar is back is a decent watch if you must.

Taking on the name of an iconic villain Akshay has decided that it is not enough to wait for our corrupt system to clean itself. So out od theaw kidnappings killings and public shaming of corrupt officers at every Level and in every department and field of work is his medicine to rid society of its ills. in this mission of his he encounters the corrupt of them all Suman who not only is bad but also knows Gabbars past . Kareena is a part of this past in a cameo while Shruti Hasan makes for the sing dance smile herione act otherwise in the film .

Packed with one punch dialogue after another and liberally ga4nished with action Gabbar is Back holds your attention due to the pace that shows u loopholes in logic but does not give you enough time to ponder over them. Passable songs add to the diversion tactics as one wonders how lo v before this formula of the Khilladi Kumar falls flat on its face like his previous ones did. Yet who cares. The film is made to make a massive splash and it might just do it this time too. does that make it a must watch ? Ah well. You can do much better. You deserve much better.