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Directed by : Priya Krishnaswamy

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Gangoobai, a childless, elderly widow, has lived her whole life in the tiny colonial hill station of Matheran. This is her story to redeem the destruction of her dreams, and set her life on a path that surpasses anything that she could ever have imagined

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Sarita Joshi

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Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I was very keen to watch Gangoobai. The story sounded beautiful. A poor maidservant covets a Parsi embroidered saree known as a 'gara' worth Rs.45,000. She scrimps and saves for 4 years to be able to collect the money to buy it. As she says, “If in life you don't get what you really want, what is the use of living?”

The story focuses on her quest for the sari after she collects the money. Her journey to Mumbai to the designer store, which makes the gara saris, brings her in touch with different people and she makes new connections.

However, a lot of the story is too simplistic. Gangoobai is a maid and yet after a token brusque treatment from the designer and others, everyone welcomes her, including a rich old Parsi man and a high profile model. The story is no longer about her but the others around her and thus loses its appeal.

Secondly, the Director doesn't know where to end the story. And so it goes on well past its sell by date.

Thirdly, there are some glaring bloopers. Gangoobai only comes from Matheran for a day. How does she find so many saris to wear for her stay in Mumbai? What is the other plastic bag she carries back with her? Such small things just irritate and take away attention from the main movie.

Sarita Joshi is an experienced actress and fortunately does not overact as much as I expected her to. Purab Kohli is very cute as the accountant in love.

The story has a slow charm to it and draws you into Gangoobai's life. The animation of the saree's embroidery is very sweet and brings out her fascination with it very well. For me, the film would have been more enjoyable if it had focused more on Gangoobai than on the other characters. After all, it is about her journey.

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