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The Ghazi Attack

The Ghazi Attack

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The Ghazi Attack is an action movie directed by Sankalp Reddy and stars Rana Daggubati in the lead role


“This version of Indo-Pak war is something you've never seen before. Don't miss it”

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A Must Watch War Film!

Rated 4.0 / 5
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Once in a while there a comes a war movie in Indian Cinema with a plot line scintillating enough, thus rules out chances of any critical comment. The Ghazi Attack by the debutant Sankalp Reddy was that movie. The Ghazi Attack is a fictional depiction to explain the puzzle of mysterious of sinking of Pakistani Submarine PNS Ghazi in 1971.

The adversities of war, a soldier's sequester, a navy ship's insight, in a 125 minute screen time Ghazi attack managed to cover every theme with its simple story. The whip smart makers of Ghazi Attack make it an exemplary war drama, with all the sequences put well together.

The plot of the story is simple, during 1971, the Pakistanis wants to hunt down INS Vikrant and target Vizag, and Indian Navy sends a team a few good men in a classified mission to confirm enemy presence in the Indian water. Under the fall of events and the course of this classified mission changes. The assigned Indian submarine S 21 is under the command of captain Rann Vijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon), lieutenant captain Arjun (Rana Daggubati) and Devaraj (Atul), with all the differences aside, they will have to lead the classified mission.

The incorporation of complex themes like, personal relationships, a civilian in a war, an unsaid politics and defense allaince, India's policy of "India will not attack first" and other emotional elements that are impeccably portrayed in just the iron structure of a submarine.

Talking about the performances, the film only focuses on the trio lead, but Kay Kay Menon is the one who stands out. His Fabulous acting skills just blend in the character of a hot headed Sikh Captain. His character draws out the theme of " war is not about becoming a martyr but making enemy the martyr" . His character shines the most in the first half. Second half focuses more on Rana Daggubati who plays the role of "classroom theory" soldier that contrasts well to Kay Kay Menon's character. And Atul Kulkarni's supporting role adds a really solid base to both of their character's polar personalities.

The best thing about Ghazi Attack is that it's never seen before thing, in Indian Cinema we have Army films, some Air Force films but very few Navy films and this movie's screen setting is just a Submarine's interiors makes it an enthralling seat fixating experience.

The sequences are aligned such, where in the middle of first half you'll predict the latter half of the story, and when the major plot is revealed at the end of first half, trust me you'll be hooked for the second half, thus I'd say, it's not a drag but indeed intelligent filmmaking.

There was a time when Ghazi used to be the flagship Pakistani Navy, It's been 45 years and Ghazi's sinking still remained unexplained. The Pakistani side and the Indian side claim different sides of the story. Some say, Ghazi sank due to its own technical failures, some say it was actually the Indians. No one knows till date. And hence I love the fact that the filmmakers decide to take up this incident, to be portrayed on the big screen.

My final views, A commendable story, commendable performances, commendable cinematography and a commendable depiction of this issue. You will not regret this one. The Ghazi Attack thus stands out in Bollywood's history of war films.

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