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Great Grand Masti

Great Grand Masti

3.0 6,190 Ratings

Directed by : Indra Kumar

Release Date : | Length : 134 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.6/5
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Great Grand Masti is a Bollywood adult comedy film directed by Indra Kumar. It is the third instalment in the Masti film series after Masti and Grand Masti and retains its principle cast.


“Yet another dose of Bollywood's brand of crass comedies!”

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Vivek Oberoi

Great Grand Masti Audience Review

Not enough masti.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Great Grand Masti is neither great, nor grand and definitely not enough masti. ITtis a tepid, watered down version of whatever went before.

The central character of the movie is a virgin bhootni in an old haveli who is desperate to have sex. Three friends looking for some action land up in the haveli. The bhootni declares that one of them has to do it with her and die. While they are busy evading her, their wives and assorted family members arrive to add to the chaos. Plenty of filmo bhoot type antics (flashing green eyes, cracked face, floating upside down) later, the movie ends rather neatly and tamely.That's probably what the Director Indra Kumar meant when he said in some interview that the movie was for the family meaning you could see it with your wife in the theatre and not feel embarrassed.

Indra Kumar calls it a new genre- 'naughty horror comedy'. The problem is when you try to please everybody you please no one at all. So the sex jokes are not so naughty, the scary parts are not scary and not even that funny and there are exactly two jokes in the movie where I actually laughed.

The actors- Ritiesh, Aftab and Vivek Oberoi ham it up to the hilt. Large parts of their acting consist of covering up their crotches with pillows or making faces as if they have ants, ice cubes and lit matches put down their pants at the same time. Urvashi Rautela as the ghost says this is the most challenging and complex role of her career though I don't see why. It's not like she had to fly through the air or hang upside down or perform stunts. All she has to do is to wear clothes that show off her flat abs and look saucily at the guys who anyway are distracted by the ice cubes, ants and matches. But she adds glamour and is easy on the eye. I found Sanjay Mishra's Antakshari baba to be really funny. Shreyas Talpade unfortunately, has a very tiny role given his flair for comedy.

The movie is mercifully short though the songs could have been avoided. That is the good part. It was not 'Adulty- horrory -sexy -comedy-ish' enough for me. I also admit i am not very fond of dirty jokes so will cringe anyway at these. Go if you find cheap tickets and you want to get out of the rain. I wouldn't stoop so low as to watch the leaked version on the net.

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