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Greater Elephant

Greater Elephant

2.5 76 Ratings

Directed by : Srinivas Sunderrajan

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  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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A mahout has lost his elephant. A theater owner has lost her god. A god has lost his identity. A devil has lost his teeth. A constable has lost his faith. And theyve all lost their marbles. Greater Elephant is a wicked assembly of those who still havent found what theyre looking for: a purpose.


“Greater Elephant is a character driven indie film with good performances which is brought down by the indulgent writing. One time watch.”

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Hussain Dalal

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Lost Purpose

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Srinivas Sunderrajan is one of those young Indie filmmakers who will go to any length to get his film made and released. though I had some issues with his debut film The untitled Karthik Krishnan project I still consider it as one of the brave Indie film made in recent times. he is back with his second film which is all about finding your purpose in life.

Mahout Ram Sevak ( Hussain Dalal) wakes up one morning and finds his elephant missing. In his journey to find him he encounters a bunch of people that includes an actor dressed up as God ( Naveen Kaushik) a woman who Ram Sevak assumes his Shankar Bhagwan's wife Parvati ( Saunskriti Kher), Dracula (Rajiv Mishra) and constable Shivaji Pradhyuman ( Shreyas Pandit). everyone is lost in their own way and are searching for something .

The film is largely character driven with Shreyas Pandit as Shivaji Pradhyuman ( his name and character looks like a takeoff on CID Inspector Pradhyuman) stealing the limelight from everyone around. he is one actor to watch out for. he looks eerily similar to Vijay Maurya and after The Last Act in this film also he makes the character his own.

None of the other actors really make an impact and I would blame the writing for that. in the end it becomes a one man show run by Shreyas rather than an ensemble performance film.

The film is fun only if you start enjoying the characters otherwise the screenplay has nothing much in it to hold your attention or to engage you. forced humor that comes across as trying to be clever in the dialogues also works against it at times.

Word of Mouth - Though the characters in the film end up finding their purpose sadly the film doesn't find its own.

Rating - 2.5

Ticket Meter - worth 100 bucks

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