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Guddu Rangeela

Guddu Rangeela

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Directed by : Subhash Kapoor

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Watch the colorful jodi of brothers Guddu & Rangeela plan the most perfect crime. They set off on a road journey which becomes a cat-and-mouse chase between the political power, police force and a budding story of forbidden young love on the run.


“Imperfect but awesome, Guddu Rangeela makes for a decent weekend watch! ”

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Arshad Warsi

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One more from the Hindi heartland

Rated 3.0 / 5
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The rate at which movies are being set in Haryana I won't be surprised if one day I wake up and start speaking in a pure Haryanvi accent. Thanks to these movies I am also very conversant with Khaap panchayats and am thinking of instituting one in my home with me as the Sarpanch.

Guddu and Rangeela are orchestra singers who perform at 'mata ki chowkis' etc. As a side business they are also informers to gang of thieves who go and rob the houses based on their information. They need money to pay off some gangs and agree to kidnap a girl. The plan gets complicated when they realize that the girl wants to be kidnapped to settle her own scores. I don't want to get into the full story but suffice to say there are 'khaap Panchyats' and honour killings and revenge etc.

Guddu and Rangeela have a bike with a sidecar like Jai and Veeru though I don't know if that was necessary. Anyway, the movie builds up as a comedy but gradually turns serious and towards the end is all about the baddies getting beaten up. There is also a small dialogue from one of the heroines on female foeticide, gang rape and dowry deaths, which serve no purpose except maybe as a public service message.

The action is quite well paced though I think it would have been way more fun if it had kept a lighter tone and made the two heroes and the heroine get the better of the villain in a smart way rather than the very 70s way in which it is handled, complete with a quarry in the fight scenes.

Amit Sadh and Arshad Warsi as Guddu and Rangeela respectively are pretty good though Arshad looks exactly like he did in Ishquiya just fatter. He is a good actor and it's always a pleasure to watch him. Amit Sadh is decent, as is Ronit Roy as the villain. Aditi Rao Hydari looks too sophisticated for her character. Shriswara is wasted in a tiny role. She would have done more justice to the character that Aditi played.

Guddu Rangeela has a decent story line but as is usual seems to get mixed up about what it wishes to be - a comedy or a serious movie and therein lies its weakness. It's not a bad watch but could have done way better. Maybe wait for the TV screening of this one.

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