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The film will take you to a journey of enigma and mystery in the Himalayas. It touches the lives of people living in these mountains, their stories, their struggles and their daily life. A film about some simple lives taking bizarre turns.


“A realistic story with an intimate setting in the hills, Hansa is an enjoyable watch. Go for it!”

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Kumud Mishra


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Beauty and the beast within

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
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Hansa is a movie set in the hills of Uttrakhand I think. The movie is beautiful to watch with the Himalayas in the background as an omniscient presence. You can almost smell the beautiful forests. The white trees that the Director focuses on so often, especially take your breath away.

But beneath the natural beauty lies pain and suffering. Young Hansa and his adolescent sister Chikoo live with their pregnant mother and grandmother in a small house. Their father has mysteriously disappeared and their land and home are about to be taken over by a local contractor who had lent them money. As if this was not enough to worry about, Chikoo also has to fend off advances from so called well-wishers to want to sexually exploit her in exchange for money. Hansa is more or less oblivious to his sister's predicament, caught up as he is with a ball stuck on a tree and a stolen lucky five rupee coin. Or perhaps he prefers to close his eyes to the truth.

The story progresses very slowly but kind of sure footedly as if it were a mountain goat certain of its way. You get drawn into the atmosphere and the village life and the hard choices left to the children. However, the film ends very abruptly just when you are wondering what will happen. Its as if the Director called out “Cut” mid sentence. There is a logical end but it's done badly.

Hansa could have been far more powerful but it loses the opportunity it had to get across its message to us far more effectively. Watch it if you are keen to see something different, set in a beautiful mileu where lurk unknown sorrows and dangers.