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Directed by : Manav Kaul

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The film will take you to a journey of enigma and mystery in the Himalayas. It touches the lives of people living in these mountains, their stories, their struggles and their daily life. A film about some simple lives taking bizarre turns.


“A realistic story with an intimate setting in the hills, Hansa is an enjoyable watch. Go for it!”

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Kumud Mishra


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Rated 3.5 / 5

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In my limited travels to the hills I have always pondered about the lives of the people who live there and how they deal with this tourist influx. Is it helping them or is it destroying them? While watching Hansa all those travel memories kept coming back to me.

Hansa(Suraj) is young boy whose father has disappeared leaving behind a pregnant wife, a mother and an elder daughter Chikoo ( Trimala Adhikari). An estate agent wants to take over the land to build a resort. The rich man ( Kumud Mishra) of that area is waiting to lay his hands on Chikoo while she is desperate to find the whereabouts of her father.

The triumph of this film is that even though debutant director Manav Kaul comes from a theatre background he uses the cinematic language so beautifully that it felt like you are living next door to these people and peeping into their lives.

The adventures of Hansa and his best friend (the best performance in the film) reminded me of the two kids from Moonrise Kingdom. Their track was my favorite in the film. Chikoo's track is all about how growing up changes our lives, especially a sudden event that forces you to grow up depriving you the joys and innocence of childhood.

Word of mouth - Watching Hansa is like sitting in the hills and peeping into the lives of its people. Manav Kaul makes the hills and its stories come alive.

Rating - *** xbd (Good)

Ticket Meter - worth 200 bucks

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